Marijuana and Coffee are Good for the Brain

Gary Wenk, professor of psychology and neuroscience at The Ohio State University, discusses what happens to our brains as we age. Low doses of marijuana …


  1. I used to smoke weed all the time with my friends, when I train, on my days off, I was one of those people saying weed is good/it’s a plant, but I’m not saying weed makes you irritable I’m saying after you smoke even a occasional smoker and then you stop you literally have withdrawals and what I mean is you get more irritable.( I’ve seen it get bad) yelling, hitting things) you spend money on it too if I had all the money I spent on weed I would have a lot of money and imagine if I never stopped. I understand what you’re saying, but I have seen this with multiple people including myself. I know not everyone’s the same and I know you might call me crazy but to the medical aspect in my experience I have more faith in God to heal me than not only weed but ibuprofen excedrin etc if I get a headache nausea stomach pain etc I pray in Jesus name and quickly I’m healed I’m not even kidding, So obviously im a Christian and the Bible says Be sober-minded and alert. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

  2. Have not found absolutely anything odd about drinking – except protein is pretty low in beer – maybe we're hanging onto our String shoe lace Paths too much. Kombucha my most fav legal too like Sifu Seagal's AikiKai.

  3. What we found – it has more effect on The Right Hand Way and actually even the Intellect than persay the Chet – regardless of any biological race – most primitive to technologically sophisticated.

  4. This pretty much sums up my OCD and depression treatment. If I can get a puff every 3-4 hours and cup of coffee at about the same intervals then I can function. If not for this, I'd be hospitalized.

  5. No caffeine, smoke da herb for sure. Ride a bicycle 365 days a year. 38 look and feel 19 other than hair loss. No tv, limited time online/phone read a lot, go outside, question everything!

  6. I dont get all these people putting cannabis down to a " drug" yet they pop prescription meds like there is no tomorrow. Cannabis is a very positive plant that can be made into amazing uses.not only medicine. I swear I have to laugh at all these people that act like they cannot stop smoking weed they have something wrong with them the plant is not addictive. You would think they were in Alcoholic Anonymous or something. All weed makes you do is feel better relax and maybe get the munchies it also decreases hypertension and high blood pressure. I swear somebody will always try to find the cloud in the silver lining

  7. I think he meant cannabidiol instead of cannabinoid. There are many different cannabinoids, however there is just one named cannabidiol, or CBD.

    Wow. I'm smarter than a scientist.

  8. coffee makes me have to go to the bathroom so much so i can't drink more than like 2 a day lol and for weed i get high off like 0.1g of dank so i usually only smoke like 0.1g to 0.3g a day

  9. Marijuana causes shrinkage of the brain like that found in very elderly people. It disables memory function and so inhibits learning ability. Damage to the mind caused by marijuana doesn't become obvious until it is too late. Your brain is a very delicate organ and a very precious one– don't abuse it.

  10. So, I've been smoking cannabis and drinking coffee since I can remember when. I'm 47 but I look closer to 30. It feels weird seeing other people my age and I often think younger people are older than me, lol. I even feel young :))

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