Marijuana and the Teenage Brain

Learn about the potentially harmful effects of marijuana on the teenage brain.


  1. I'm 17 and I've been using marijuana every single day for a year, I've noticed I've been "slower" lately, such as forgetting basic things and having trouble learing new things and socializing. Does anybody know if this decline is reversible?

  2. Just a quick question. What if you have smoked cannabis 4-7 times a month (never daily) for a year in your teen years? Thats exactly what i have done but have quit since. Is it too late since my brain was already under this substance? I would really like a legitimate answer if anyone is educated on this topic. thank you

  3. are we not going to talk about teenagers who use marijuana to treat their mental illnesses? teenagers with ptsd, with clinical depression, with anxiety?

  4. Much like anything, moderation is key. An excess of anything is going to harm you so I feel this is the same with any weed products. With the varying information from one study to the next it’s hard to make an informed decision, but at the very least knowing that getting intoxicated all the time can have adverse effects. Just live your life and have fun, but don’t go too crazy about it and always keep yourself in check.

  5. Is there a certain amount of weed to be consumed and frequency of use that could have big effects later on in the teenagers life? I have smoked 1 gram every 2 weeks for about 6 months now, i plan on carrying on for another 2 months, however with the change of doing it every week. Will this have a big impact on me in the future saying i stopped after summer?

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