Marijuana and the Young Brain

Jodi Gilman, PhD, is the director of neuroscience at the Center for Addiction Medicine. Her research examines how marijuana affects the teen brain. Her team’s …


  1. (Hey I need someone to help me. When I smoke weed this happens to me) I see things like cartoons and drawings and bacteria in my brain, but it happens when I close my eyes and I’ll go into a trance where I trip out and I fall into another universe(not making this up) and I’ll twitch uncontrollable. I’ll see things while I’m in this dimension like I said, but I also feel pressure like I’m in a speeding car and im pressed against the car seat and my face is pulled back. My teeth also feel like jelly. The pressure also changes. It’ll rotate from speeeding car we’re it is pressing against me, and then it’ll change to where it feels like I’m flying straight up and I feel pressure from above. And not small pressure, a lot of pressure like boulders are pressing against me, like I’m in earths grsvity times 4. When I enter the dimension is when I lose focus in real life, and I’ll fall into it, and I close my eyes and go into the dimension, and the only way to come back is to open my eyes and to focus really really hard, but the second I stop focusing I go back to the dimension and I start seeing things and feeling intense pressure along with intense twitching, but this twitching is if you were tickling me, is how much I do. Can somebody tell me what is going on with me? And it’s not the weed, I’ll smoke the same with my friends and they won’t have that happen.

  2. I've been smoking since the beginning of 8th grade and I honestly feel like my memory is fine. I have a good GPA, taking college classes, and I still learn like normal. Also weed also makes me happier and I enjoy life a lot. THIS IS JUST FROM MY EXPERIENCE SOOOO….. maybe she cappin a lil lol.

  3. I was/am the biggest weed advocate but after many years of smoking I had to be real with myself and realize it had many more side effects to my life than I wanted to admit. It does kill your short term memory and social confidence as well as heightens anxiety. However with that being said, I owe it my life because it saved me from suicide and allowed me to find who I truly was along with helping me develop an awesome personality. Use with responsibility and respect and dont dismiss the fact it may have downsides

  4. Not gonna lie my memory is terrible I smoke everyday 15 I’ve been smoking weed everyday for about 2 years I’m pretty happy my life’s pretty great whenever I don’t smoke I feel sad.
    I have memory problems often and it when ever I smoke it frequently smoke it I can’t see cleary but that how it affects me

  5. Serious Question… when I was in highschool when I sat down to do my Lessons and quizzes on the computer because it was a Self Directed Learning. When I put the headphones on I focused so hard for no reason to where I passed my exams. I’m not that good but I passed Alg2 w/75

  6. I’m a medical patient in Florida but I’m 15 years old. I am so frightened that my memory will decline in the near future and my work ethic will be completely deteriorated as well as I want to goals and ideals if I keep smoking. Is this true? Well I also have less gray matter in my brain?
    Am I going to be completely stupid?
    Cannabis is the only medication that works for me I’ve tried multiple different pharmaceuticals but none of them have work like cannabis. Please help

  7. I hope when young people read this they remember that learning isn't just college, which is clearly important. It's also empathy, social skills, learning to regulate their own emotions, self management, being quick. Learning is growing a strong, flexible, adult brain.

    Young people should think about waiting until their brain is fully grown. If they do it anyway, then as a treat, like alcohol. They should also think about long rest periods, to experience parts of every section of their life not getting high. If they do that as a young person, they will have to develop other parts of their character to distract, inspire and entertain them. And also so they can remember, every section of their life.

  8. Keep going! We needed this research eons ago!
    And please publish or get your findings out to us often!
    DON’T let the big $ lords convince you, or pay you off, to stop research
    Ing or to stop telling us what you find.
    This is so very important! We’re talking about kid’s BRAIN DEVELOPMENT HERE! And with the HUGE population of this generation’s autism and Autism umbrella kids, we NEED to know what could happen to these kids
    Thank you.

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