Marijuana and weight loss

Marijuana is synonymous with the munchies but some researchers think it could actually help fight obesity.


  1. I Lost 100 Pounds In Two Months During Fall 2012!!

    • Smoking Marijuana
    • Healthy Food For The Munchies
    • Drinking Only Water, Coffee & Green Tea With Honey!
    • 2 & Half Hour Walks Daily!!
    • Skip Rope, Sit ups, Push Ups & Pull Ups!! Daily!

    P.S I've Been Marijuana Free Since October 16th 2016

  2. Alcohol 100 calories a beer
    Weed 0 calories a blunt
    1 beer turns to 6, 6 turns to 8 beers, 800 calories on some bs that your going to wake up with a hangover & gaines belly fat, ew.

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  4. This is true.
    I was at about 158lb and dropped down to 135 or so. Yes, I’d eat but I wouldn’t eat big portions because I’d get full quickly. Within a month In a half or so, I noticed I looked skinner.

  5. I stopped smoking cannabis for about three months picked up 50 lbs rapidly did not understand yesterday for the first time smoke me a joint woke up with lots of energy no back problems no aching at all having serious thoughts of going back two cannabis sorry Mary Jane you never abandon me I left me behind not even in high school" been there since day one will never do that to you ever again

  6. Lost 50 pounds in 2 weeks….while smoking weed all I did was drink coffee when I was hungry (yeah ik how weird) and i drank water as needed like 1/3rd of a bottle everytime i would be thirsty. That way my body could stay hydrated enough to break down fats and what not well i might not be explaining it right but that's how i see it and well i stayed losing weight … and passed but anyways later.

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