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  1. Hi. Ive been smoking weed for 10 year and everything has been okay…And one day i smoked a joint as always.. After 5 minutes the back of the head felt like someone puched it , my heart rate went 140 bpm and my blood pressure went crazy 160/120 and my legs would not stop shaking. It really felt like i was going to die. PLS Help with some advice on what happened… I stopped for some days than i tried a to smoke just a little , same thing happened heart rate 140bmp and blood pressure like 150/110. Ive stopped for 7 months now but i really miss smoking.

  2. Of course it can create heart problems in some people, not everyone is the same, don’t joke about it, just because you don’t get any heart issues from using it, there are some individuals who have had heart problems from using it.

  3. "There's not a lot known"??? How, marijuana been around forever and the good properties of the plant outweigh the bad greatly. Definitely not as bad as smoking cigarettes b or drinking alcohol, divert from the generations of programming, marijuana is a gift from your planet, enjoy it.

  4. Fake news. I've smoked every day lots for 50 years i don't go to doctors and im as healthy as one can be. Western medicine is big business and no money in healthy people its why they drug you with poison

  5. I went 3 weeks cold turkey after smoking weed for almost 3 three years and I had a serious heart rate increase when I got high again, my gf was scared for me cause I couldn’t get my heart rate to lower & I kept twitching! Now I’m fucking afraid to smoke again! 😓

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