Marijuana E Liquid ADVANCED Tutorial HOW TO MAKE Cannabis E Juice from weed or keif

NEW 2017 Method! Make pure vapeable e liquid at home WITHOUT the use of any glycerin or glycol. Check links for ingredients below BUY Terpene …


  1. Oooook that’s why sometimes when I smoke my cartridges I buy them prefilled with disstallite and one cartridge burnt my nose if you smelled in the smoke n I was so confused as to why but it was so much terpenes, well u learn something new each day , cheers eh bud!

  2. All of that from 1 1/2 grams, I would love to try this out but can I ask a question? How did he get the rosin in to the glass jar to mix with terpenes. He didn’t show how he got it from the paper to the pot. Any one help how he did this?

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