Marijuana edibles: Everything you need to know

In a second wave of recreational legalization in Canada, cannabis edibles will be permitted for legal sale no later than Oct. 17, 2019, Health Canada has …


  1. My parents asked for 1/8th oz of Afghan hash {1990's} and put the lot in Brownies and ate it between 4 of them {them and my adult bros}
    It was faaaar too much for them- I was like ''WHAT! didn't you listen?? 🤔- I Warned them as to potency, but mum said ''It only looked a tiny bit''-well, yes, it WOULD look tiny, if you were used to looking at flour and butter and eggs.. Oh well, they were all fine, but not keen to repeat the experiment.
    {a gramme, nearly of potent hash each} Bro and dad said they were still 'out of it' next day, and going around London for work was 'really weird'

    Mum is 81 now, and I asked if she'd like some more brownies. She said ''No, thank you''. 🙂 She prefers Wine.

  2. As a Canadian that has had a REALLY bad experience with edibles; I'm certainly here to DEFEND marijuana and edibles. Likewise with any experience you learn and heal from it. I only had such a bad experience with it because I literally did EVERYTHING wrong when taking it. I was not educated on marijuana AT ALL and rushed into the experience. If you're educated on the plant and do it correctly, I'm sure it will be a better experience. I can sure why it is a drug though, it really does change your brain chemistry but that is what it is. And for the excuse that kids can get a hold of it, let's not determine anything based off poor parenting.

  3. I have never ate an actual edible but I just made some last night. Used 60grams of bud, 3 cups of water and 1lb of unsalted butter to make the cannabutter and used half of the butter patty to make my first batch of brownies.i have no idea how potent they will be but they smell like weed and taste like weed

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