Marijuana: For Medical Purposes Only Pt. 1

A Documentary on medical marijuana.


  1. @amayagab Unfortunately, you can't use logic on this one. They push alcohol and tobacco at us like its going out of style. Obviously its not about our health; its about greed and political bullshit.

  2. I don't believe in this Medicinal purposes only stuff. I believe it's another way to control peoples personal lives saying "it's ONLY good use is for medicine" which I agree helps countless people with illnesses. What if it makes me happy? Why cant I do it them? I have the right to do what ever I want to my own body as long as I don't harm someone else and if it kills me so be it.

  3. It is absolutely irrational to keep marijuana illegal, especially since our country advertises alcohol and tobacco every other commercial or billboard, two of the biggest killers in the world annually. The problem is most of our government is made up of hypocritical corrupt ignorant assholes, or shepherds as i like to call them, who attempt control the media and brainwash their flock. And, unfortunately, they do a good job of making sheep out of most US citizens.

  4. I think it should be done for medical purposes. There are alot of drugs that are medical, but are also dangerous. Marijuana is really no different other than people might try to use it for recreational purposes (aka abuse)

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