Marijuana harvest time

after 3 months now is time to harvest…this is what i’ve got.


  1. hey i smoke weed like ppl smoke cigs. i know the good and bad. inform your kids maybe they wont be sitting in there room trying to be vampire number 4009284 smokeing cigs.

  2. just google it kid. youll find all the info you need, for the seeds ur prob gonna have to buy a sac of schwag and get the seeds out of it, cuz i def. not gonna give u any sites that ship to the US cuz your mom will prob. catch u.

  3. that one possibly not… but most times if you leave it there, it will. i dont think its really benificial, since clones are faster at recovery i think…

  4. you cut off al the buds, branches leaves ,etc.. now it's just a stick, but wht you do then? You put it back under HPS and it will flower again? Or is it over? a plant can only harvest 1 time in it's life?

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