Marijuana Insiders say Federal Cannabis Legalization is a SERIOUS Possibility In 2021

Marijuana Insiders say Federal Cannabis Legalization is a SERIOUS Possibility In 2021 #CannabisLegalization #MarijuanaNews #CannabisNews …


  1. I've been smoking hemp flower since it was fully legalized. Its still a risk for drug test if you don't maintain yourself. To be honest, I am happy with hemp, but marijuana would be awesome. I just fear that people will go out there and "Blame it on the weed", if you catch my drift. Legalization doesn't mean everybody can do it. If you have a safety sensitive job, companies will withhold thier own laws which will lead to oppression job wise, especially when you have coworkers and superiors who like to use drug test to throw thier weight around. Legalization will be complex, but if the bug get worked out, El Chapo's empire may go mediocre, but it will be one hell of a trade route for Mexico with thier year around growing temperatures. Bottom line, having the privilege to smoke shouldn't be taken lightly and should only be done at home, that is if you really want it legal.

  2. It is possible for Trump to direct the AG, by Executive Order, to remove cannabis from scheduling altogether and that would poke the Dems right in the eye. Pipe dream, I know.

  3. There’s one problem, the Republicans have a good chance at maintaining the Senate, and Mitch “shithead” McConnell won’t let the Bill go to the floor for debate and vote.

  4. president Nixon 1969

    hmm so this paper tells us the benefits of cannabis 🤔

    Throws paper in the bin and calls to declare war on drug anways


  5. Come on man that’s just a carrot to get people to vote for Biden. They’re literally saying “vote for Biden and maybe we’ll think about voting on legalizing”. Fuck that. Time for insurrection. Guerrilla war to fight an oppressive and undemocratic regime is 100% just. How many of us live in fear of government violence and locked out of economic opportunity just because we need a medication? What’s the difference between the way China treats Uygurs and the way the United States treats people with chronic major depression or epilepsy who need cannabis?

  6. 😎 I believe another reason why the MSO's would be OK with Cannabis being a schedule 1 drug is because They would be able to get investment $ from banks (Just like big Pharma).

    It would also probably allow them to list on American stocks exchanges. It wouldn't over turn recreational cannabis in states that have already legalize but its not a step forward (more of a step side ways).

    I am with you, I do not like the idea of setting for Cannabis as a schedule 1 either 😎

  7. Question to anyone, lets say it gets legalized… what to you think will be the time delay from the announcement of intention to the actual effective date? 3 months, 6, 9, 12? I actually want a slightly longer period to let MSOs build up before Canada comes in.

  8. The Democrat party, while far from the progressive party that most on the left want it to be, still has a progressive caucus which lobbies for legalization. So it would only make sense that their election would give us a better chance than more republicans in office.

    Hell, even Trump told republican candidates to keep marijuana off state ballots in order to make sure their elections were more secure.

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