Marijuana Legalization and Prepping



  1. Well I agree with you I have chosen to add as many medical plants to my preparations and I try everything I grow so I know what I have to help people and what smoke,oils and extracts I can weaponise if needed.

  2. It will be great for trading for other things in shtf but if your use to smoking on a daily basis you will be fine you won't get the munchies or any old wives tales of that and it is very easy to grow it really does all the work for you long as it's in the right spot and soil and light. When I hunt I smoke a j in the morning my sense are super hightend you hear ever bird every stick break and feel right with nature you should try it bud lol great vid peace and love

  3. 52 years of enjoyment; 70 years old, traveled to 42 countries, live in Illinois for half the year and San Diego the other half (I'll let you figure out which half of the year in which location) . Life is good.

  4. I knew a guy who smoked about an ounce a day. He is or was a power-lifter and weed helped with pain. My point, after smoking for an extended time, there are no more munchies and side effects didn’t show, he just smelled like weed all the time. As far as working, it never got in his way as long as he had weed but if he ran out, everything else was secondary to getting more.

  5. That is a great point that it is one of few plants that is so easy to process into the final form for use, even for CBD.  My philosophy is that we should take advantage of any resource we can use to be able to increase our chances of making it through the collapse and surviving what will become an epoch separating life today and as it will become.  Too bad more preppers don't realize how we must use any resource we can.Thanks for the nice video!

  6. As long as you don't smoke all the time you won't have slow reactions ,and being paranoid could be usefull ohnestly cause paranoia makes you have hear better be aware of everything around you.

  7. i agree with you…..this is odd but your pretty on point in this vid id recommend the katana boy 1000 around harvest time you could drop 100 acres a day with it SILKY SILKY SILKY SILKY lmao

  8. Funny story about a scaffold crew at a Pulp Mill during shut downs, they would refuse to do the biggest job unless they smoked up first. So of course the management would cave in after a very short protest…then these scaffolder's would blow your damn mind at how fast they could put up 17 stories of scaffold in a recovery boiler. So I'm not so sure about the impairment part of Marijuana…? They didn't smoke a lot, just a joint each maximum…my assumption is it was to calm and relax their nerves.
    Like you said everyone is different…talk alcohol consumption for example, some people have unreal tolerances built up, or a lower metabolic rate for breaking it down and absorbing it; and then their is the extreme like when some one who is FAS takes a drink and goes off the deep end.
    For the most part I agree with you on it…so does this mean you are going to grow some and show us how it's done…and maybe do some timed reaction tests?

  9. Solid video. I loved the angles you looked at about this. The prepping world really needs more guys like you. Not just for this video but most of your videos. I agree with your thought process on these subjects. Thank you for all the information my man.

  10. First time i tried some, i went outside and caught like 20 fireflies put them in a water bottle, they were really cool. Woke up and they were all dead lol. I think 1 lived i released him in the morning.

  11. Good reasoning for a non smoker. as a Rasta I agree with Your views except the impairment one. Some herb varieties can put You to sleep because of their stress relieving, relaxing properties, but Your judgement, and balance are not impaired. Some herbs are stimulating. They help improve imagination, and creative thought process. They improve Your brains function in these areas. Musicians are greatly helped mentally by some herb strains. There is a time, and place for utilizing every herb. If You had a late security watch for the community heavy indicas containing higher levels of C.B.D. are not recommended, but Sativa with coffee can help You stay awake with an active mind that is in tune with all that is going on around You from the sound of crickets, night birds, the beauty of the fire, and the sound of the Mugg breaking twigs sneaking up behind the store room. People can become more loving, and positive, less violent, and hostile with the use of natural organic Cannabis. Some People need to be impaired a little, if not they could be jumpy and dangerous.

  12. Ow man that thumbnail reminded me of my military time.
    We used to tape a cokecan on our gasmask, poke a hole in it and stick a joint in. Then try to breath normaly. ;))

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