Marijuana legalization bill passes in the U.S. House

The Democrat-controlled U.S. House passes the MORE Act, which would decriminalize marijuana on the federal level, but won’t likely reach the Senate until …


  1. What most people don't understand about marijuana illegal under federal law for the legal states is people can still get evicted out of their apartment and that is what Mitch McConnell needs to understand. But i know McConnell is too stupid to understand about that and it's okay for drama from Alcohol. I guess mcconnell thinks drama is more okay than eating a bag of chips.

  2. But it’s ok to have alcohol so we can get into car accidents, beat our kids, our partner, and rape. But no we can’t have marijuana because somehow it’s wrong. Oh and don’t forget how marijuana can also help cancer patients and mental health. But yeah marijuana is bad I guess

  3. All u need is Drugs.💊 All u need is Drugs. All u need is Drugs, DRUGS. Drugs is all u need.🎶 -A message from the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association💉 And remember "WE CARE$ for YOU."😉

  4. GENESIS 1 – God created the green herb called it Good. 🌿👍 Then man called God a liar & invented big pharma profitability. 💸Best of all it was FDA Approved. 🙃

  5. decriminalizing marijuana is about harvesting body parts.
    anencephaly is a birth defect that pot smoking women can cause their babies to be born without brains and skulls… remember zika? fully developed babies with useful body parts, just no skull or brain and they die. sounds like a creepy mad scientist movie.
    the defect is called anencephaly. google it… the government is wanting you clueless ignorants to sacrifice children for organ and body parts.
    planned parenthood looks forward to parting out your dead babies

  6. This is exactly what the Democrats want to keep people stupid let me prove my point another way since when does Nancy Pelosi care about the people in this country she’s had for months to pass a bill to help people and she did not she could give a shit less about anybody except for her agenda that’s why it past in the house and imagine his if you don’t want these businesses to sell pot what do you think it will be like once the federal government is involved with it federal government does nothing but fuck things up

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