Marijuana Legalization Debate (Part 1) — The Doctors

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  1. Its Bull shit that its easier to get weed when its legal, i live in the UK and right now i could go out and get cannabis in like 10 mins, i wouldn't be able to get alcohol for at least a couple day's

  2. Alcohol is lethal and makes people more agressive and has no medical benefits. Cannibas is Not Lethal. Makes People less Agressive and less violent, and DOES have medical benefits!!!! I’d say it’s pretty obvious it should be legal for adults over 21… Here’s another thing with pot illegal it was easier for me to get weed in high school than it was beer!!! So that arguments bs too.

  3. The government and the people are over-analyzing Marijuana way too much. If they tax it just like alcohol it would work. As well as, taxing for dispensaries for medical purposes. This older lady out here killin' it tho! I love her!

  4. I was getting liquor when I was 14. Wasn’t even able to get weed till I was 16. Only reason I even smoked was because I was drinking and wanted something stronger. Now I just smoked weed. Last time I got really drunk was 5 years ago. These pieces of shit just want $$$ they want it illegal

  5. It is a giant lie and blanket statement or generalization to state that weed and tobacco have the same effect on lung health. They’ll say “they’re both smoke so therefor A=B” without regards to what the science has actually said despite having common chems although one is straight up sprayed chems. “Oh tobacco is bad so weed MAY be bad as well”. Always pay attention to the terminology. These articles always use non definitive terms. That is a big blanket statement that they were too lazy to look into and got taken out of context. Read the medical journals and pay attention to the context and what the terminology is implying and whether it uses definitive terms with sources or uses non definitive terms and just leaves it to the reader to imply how bad it can be. They aren’t lying if they left it up to the reader to formulate that ideology.

  6. I smonched a marijuan once. My wife found out and filed for divorce. I said its not like im a crackhead or something. She took the kids, I smonched more wêd. That was 10 years ago. Currently Im on life support and have to get an injection of heroin in to my spine every 15 minutes so I dont die. My kids wont talk to me, my parents died from stress and the medical bills put me out on the street. Theres not a moment where I wonder where it all went wrong, how I messed up so bad. Its all ganjas fault. After I post this comment Im going to commit neck rope. Dont think that smoking satans cabbage is harmless or you’ll end up like me, homeless, sad and alone all because you smoked 1/2 weed. 😢🙏

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