Marijuana Legalization Debate (Part 2) — The Doctors

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  1. Cocaine and Morphine, why don’t you legalize those?? What a moron, maybe because they’re LETHAL!!!! Weed is not lethal!!! Hello. Alcohol is the most deadly and it’s legal!!!! And the kids argument is completely INVALID!!! It was WAY EASIER FOR US IN HIGH SCHOOL TO GET WEED THAN ALCOHOL!!! In fact we got in trouble trying to get adults to buy beer for us once!!!!! We never got n trouble buying weed off are peers!!!

  2. That older lady is fuckin' killin' it over here. I FUCKING love her. This black lady doctor is infuriating as she keeps jumping back to the conclusion of "kids", but why?? The whole issue isn't about kids. It's about the fucking laws.

  3. This black doctor is deluded talking about kids kids kids it’s not kids it’s teens and tbh it’s probably because of neglectful parents so don’t blame kids using it on the legalisation of weed I’m just glad the world has woken up and discredited these myths

  4. KIDS,KIDS,KIDS!!! The biggest argument against legal marijuana,because the opposition loses every other arguement about it. Most studies about marijuana in America are bias and/or funded by the people who profited from it being illegal.

    Does it matter if someone wants to smoke marijuana for a state approved illness or for one that isn't on that list. I have depression and anxiety, which is not on my state's approved usage. I also have Crohn's disease,which is approved for the use of medical marijuana. But because of my job I'm unable to used it unless I unlawfully use it.
    Lets discuss the real reasons why marijuana is illegal. The only reasons why it is,political and economic. You wouldn't believe what wealthy families and politicians profited from it being so.

  5. Marijuana is only a drug and is only used for smoking and getting high. I swear that "professionals" forget the countless things that plant can be used for and how easy it is to grow.

  6. Anyone that thinks kids aren't going to start drinking at 15 are beyond up their own ass these people that think marijuana is harmful for teens are retarded marijuana isn't going to kill their organs like legal alcohol poison

  7. you're either for or against freedom its very simple either people can put what ever they want into their bodies without consequences or they cant

  8. Ok would you rather have opiods that shut down functions of your organs and is highly addictive and easy to OD on but legal. Or marijuana who has proven health benefits and different methods of ingestion to avoid smoke inhalation (if your concern is about COPD) low rated as addictive BUT illegal.

  9. BYEEEEEE Roseanne!! Hahaha.. marijuana should not be legalized. People are driving under the influence and causing accidents. There are very little ways to determine percentage of influence. Also, people are smoking pot in public places and intoxicating those around them including children. MARIJUANA SHOULD NOT BE LEGALIZED !!

  10. Kids drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes much more than they smoke cannabis what do alcohol and ciggartes and alcohol have in common? They are legal and socially acceptable, once you open Pandora's box it's impossible to close it again and it might not happen in a week or even a year but eventually it will become common place for kids to smoke dope because it's legal and they see adults do it openly, people always say but alcohol and tobacco legal which is true but if we could turn back time knowing then what we know now we wouldn't introduce those things into society, we shouldn't allow corporations to push poison onto our children so they can make a few bucks of out children's misery just like they do with alcohol and tobacco.

  11. Tbh I feel like any drug that doesn’t make you violent should be legal. Even the really fucked up ones like heroine, as long as we throw serous regulation on it and make sure that companies can’t lie about their effects. That’s part of what a free country should be, along with anything else that doesn’t harm anyone else.

  12. weed is so easy to get legal or illegal…… i see this is around 2013 but are Dr's really that stupid… can tell the lady Dr. has done no research on marijuana or hemp……and the Billion dollar paper industry does not want hemp to get loose

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