Marijuana legalization task force lead Hon. Anne McLellan

This week’s Conversation That Matters features the Hon. Anne McLellan who lead the task force on legalizing marijuana in Canada.


  1. Canada is absolutely not 'leading the way' they are making it incredibly difficult for anyone but big business to get into pot growing and selling. They are making twice as much regulations then alcohol when alcohol is 500x more deadly. From what I've seen from Canada and idiot Justin trudeau why would I ever in my life buy weed from a Ontario store for 14$ a G with taxes when I can get and 28 grams for 170 from a trusted dealer?

  2. The older I get the less I appreciate the government. I trust the government less than random weed dealers on the street. Stop fucking regulating us, it's too much! All these regulations yet the rich get richer and the poor rely more and more on government handouts. Just fuck off

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