"…Marijuana Legalization: the time is now" Gov: Arnold Schwarzenegger


  1. @jimmyofaden my best friend is now in jail for some homegrown hemp and he's the most honest and innocent man on earth, so i'm kind of pissed off about this stuff now — it's not just hypocrisy or ignorance -not to mention "welfare"!- behind the law, but only greed, and disrespect of the most fundamental human rights, i hope some "non-users" too are getting this, at least — IT'S A SHAME and it's time to change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @jazpertube I like your train of thinking..Thanks for being cool abouot this whole thing..sucks today I saw on yahoo news, 80 people arrested for demonstrating on Wall Street..Everyday citizens who have a Right to hold a peaceful demonstration were arrested > Sound like Freedom ? naw.. I could hold up a sign on my town square and sure as hell the local cops would hunt me down..I say legalize .until then.. ignore that stupid fucked up law..They will have to lock me up to take my freedom away. TY

  3. @jimmyofaden just kidding — a good pun, anyway — of course, prohibition must return to the hell it came from, but that hell is the u.s. and i'm afraid that still is where "laws" are packed and shipped worldwide daily…
    along with "peace" 😉

  4. @jazpertube Illeagle ? sheez man I can't spell it correctly , ? ..Seems the gov only makes laws that benefit themselves and not the people. All Congressmen, even the Govenors and the Vice Pres, and Obama have phone #s and emails. I call my state Reps from time to time and I bitch and let them know. Sometimes I even get a reply.
    The point is , is we do nothing , nothing will change.

  5. write to your congressman and bitch and become a hassle. Let them know we want legalization, now ! Let them know that if they do not support legalization that you will not vote for them.Let them know about how many jobs it would create. Let them know that its the law that is illeagle not the herb..

  6. get em arnold marijuana never hurt any one and the majority of our people want it legal .it helps with pain it gives oxygen it make s cloths shampoo.it has efa essential fatty acids wich fight desease.it could cure cancer some research shows it help fight cancer and helps aids patien if they consume the seeds it should be legal make em do the right thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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