Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence: A Conversation with Alex Berenson

On February 28, Hudson Institute hosted Alex Berenson for a discussion of his latest book, Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and …


  1. Weed is something I enjoy about once a year. I do it just because it's my God given right, and if we don't use it, we lose it. Does it have problems? Sure. If it didn't I'm probably enjoy it a lot more often. I enjoyed it way more in high school than as an adult, because it was new and exciting. But that temporary psychosis just gets less fun over time. It makes me shy, and I like having a clear control of my brain. I think socially, a person who gets high every day, you're more likely to be a communist. But rights trump all, and so naturally there's a conflict, right? Because communism is anti-rights. Ironic, because we have to keep our hands off individuals so they can turn themselves into collectivists… But of course it doesn't have that affect on everyone. I'm not going to listen to this whole thing right now, but if he takes a position against CBD I disagree strongly. About that legalization thing though: Don't legalize it! by doing so you're taking a God given right, and turning it into a privilege. Not a good move, but I expect that from people who are too high to read the 4th and 9th amendments.

  2. I would truly love to talk with Alex as someone who has experienced literally every negative symptom talking point he mentions. Alex, if you happen to read this comment and are interested in talking to a 44 year old american man who experienced psychosis and multiple mental health problems as an absolute and direct result from smoking weed beginning at age 16, please just respond here and we can go from there. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years too

  3. The Hudson Institute is a Washington DC-based military think tank that advises such groups as The School of the Americas out of Ft. Bragg which trains Central and South American death squads with US equipment, US instructors and on the US public's tax dime.
    Hudson's detailed and promoted analyses of "ladders of escalation" and reports on the likely consequences of limited and unlimited nuclear exchanges, eventually published as  (1962) and  (1965). Connected to the RAND organisation, The Hudson Institute directed the unprecedented military build up in US nuclear arms since the Kennedy Administration … .

  4. This is a joke the people who vilify marijuana have never smoked it nor the people doing the "testing" I have PTSD and without marijuana I don't think I could function in society. Anybody who says differently is trying to sell you something. Point in fact a BOOK of BULLSHIT!

  5. This guy is wrong. Ive been clean from real hard drugs for quiet a while thanks to SMOKING THE SHIT OUTTA SOME WEED. I was an addict for over 20 years and thanks to expanding my mind through the mighty psylocibin and daily use of marijuana, I changed my life, love my family, go to work, pay my bills and didn't vote Donald Trump. Life can be positive. Just have to open your mind.

  6. The discussion on mental health and marijuana is very important and necessary, but framing this as an argument against legalization is disingenuous. How does this justify the war on drugs whatsoever? Apples and oranges. This is not a good argument against legalization, it's an argument for education about individual mental health and general safety when using alcohol or marijuana. The black market would be gone only if you couldnt smuggle it across state lines so easily, I.e. if the next state and the next and the next has their own weed already, the black market will certainly diminish vastly.

  7. If you haven’t smoked weed yourself then you don’t know shit my friend! So listen Mr. Yale you read whatever you want…study away my friend …because after listening to all your bs….and you never burned one yourself …like I said before my dude …seriously you don’t know shit…!!! Back to the drawing board dude you failed!!

  8. I’ve been smoking for 6 years. This is just comedy. Yeah let’s spread false information about a natural medicine. We’re losing too many patients and we’re in fear of losing business. Pathetic.

    Isn’t it hilarious how Doctors that prescribe pills are heavily against medical marijuana? Because it takes from their business..

  9. Berenson attempts to back up these stories with a few studies on marijuana and violence. It’s true that some individual studies have found a link, although many conflicting studies have not. This is why it’s better, when evaluating data, to rely on large, rigorous reviews of the evidence.

    Such a review exists: In 2013, one was conducted by the RAND Drug Policy Research Center, commissioned by the Office of National Drug Control Policy. It concluded that “marijuana use does not induce violent crime, and the links between marijuana use and property crime are thin.”

  10. Someone who did all the real research this guy did bias research. This is a tragic human situation to be teaching your lies to the 2.5k people who saw the video and the few who believe this nonsense. Clean your third eye and see your ability to quit being so submissive to authority. #

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