oops i over fertilized these sour diesel plants and now i must face the challenge of finishing on top…or at least close to it. Shit happens and when it does wipe it …


  1. I feel ur pain bro..going through it now..last week of flower. I've learnt now to easy up on nutes about week 5. Hope it doesn't ruin my crop πŸ™

  2. Split the difference with a 3/4 dose. it is normally what I do when Im in the same position. where half dose ain’t enough for the buds and full does burns leaves. 3/4 only gave me slight tip burn and similar bud production.

  3. Ive got a nitrogen problem.
    I started my plants from seed.
    Put them in a small pot to start, using canna terra pro.
    Transplanted into a 2.5 gal pot with canna terra pro and mixed some worm castings and volcanic rock in the soil.
    Do you think I’ve over done it by adding worm castings and volcanic rock ?
    Ive flushed the pots out but might need to do abit more flushing as i only flushed approx 1.5 gallons through each pot.
    Will my plants bounce back and will the damages leaves repair ?
    Any feed back would be much appreciated,

  4. That's some of the worst nutrient burn ever seen at least you acknowledge it always use 1/4 the dose of nutes they want you to use more nutes to sell more nutes. I go straight organic ocean ocean Forest then in mid flower cause this soil is hot I add fish shit , kelp meal and Mag cal all in 1/4 recommended dose .ocean forest can take you're plant threw the whole cycle depending on size of pot you use I use 5gal aro pots and need very little extra nutes to grow insane canabis.everyone thinks the more you add the better it will strong lights co2 strong nutes.its wrong.find a balance with all forces .first good seed stock then if you use a quality light with good organic soil.good air movement and proper can grow better cannabis then the guys who grow pumping the weed with steroids and shit to try to get a better product.growing with patients and not overfeeding and lighting organically will give you a
    Perfect bud you are proud of.we've all the experiments the scientist soil light and Waters all you need

  5. Hey bro I got nutrient burn as well I’m going into week 10 in a few days outdoors I just started flushing yesterday I got another week to harvest so you think my plant will still be good what do you recommend for me a lot of leaves are burned but nuggs look nice I gave it a heavy dose last week once and it did this to me do you think it’ll be ok still what do you recommend how it fix it

  6. Heavy!shit was crackin me up,dont know why,maybe I'm high, definitely high.peace n love,seeing someone humble and not claimin they the shit cause they can grow is far and few between.

  7. great video. I am a first time grower, (and no friends who grow to share and ask questions) 2 strains…and have just realized they each needed to be handled differently. and the mites!!!! ARE PLAGUING my one strain. so thank you for all this honest info, keeping me inspired.

  8. Dude these youtube videos from idiot kids brainwashed you. Less is better man its a plant man and was meant to grow without all them chemicals. Compost and old cow shit and a tad of tomato fert if you want. Let nature do its job dont turn your plants 8nto a science project. Coming from a third gen farmer

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