Marijuana: Smoking Vs Edibles

Marijuana is consumed in many ways this affects the chemical composition of marijuana, resulting in a different ‘high’ depending on the way it is taken. In this …


  1. I had smoked before and always had a good experience, eating edibles is a another thing, had to much for my 1st time and greened out hahaha best advice is to start slow that way you'll have a better experience

  2. I realized tonight, I don't like edibles. They're too heavy, they make me feel pukey and they make me feel sort of depressed.

    Heaviest stone I e er got off an edible was a few years ago, a lady from work gave me a browny that was so potent, it felt warm like alcohol going down. It ended up really messing me up for 4 hours. Seriously the hardest I have ever been stoned. I'm experienced too, it really did me in.

    Same woman gave me a brownie last week, I finally ate it today for something to do. It was smaller, didn't feel like alcohol going down, it didn't screw me up quite as bad, but it did stone me pretty good and for about 4 hours again. With that, I realized I don't like it.

  3. Iv just gone from smoking to oil drops.
    Smoking i could tell was not good for my lungs, i was waking up every morning having to cough up flem and i was paranoid trying to hide the smell and its lingering smell on your clothes and body.
    Now i just take 4-5 drops of oil on my tongue and 1-2 hours later im stoned and it lasts for hours unlike smoking.

  4. Hi guys, if you can please buy CBD (10mg): THC (10mg) 1:1 ratio edibles. Use half of 1, so .5 mg and then do activities like yoga, listening to music, drawing or meditating. This is what pot is intended for, mindfulness and inner peace.

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  6. I don't mind smoking but I think I prefer edibles. Depending on how I feel I will eat half of a sour patch look in gummy or a whole one and vibe out. It also helps my migraines and sleeping.

  7. I had only ever tried weed once when I was 17 or 18. Now I'm 36 and just picked up some Sweet Grass magic cookies at a local dispensary here in Colorado. I ate one last night around 5 pm. It was a lot weirder than I expected. The cookies were on sale as basically a "buy one get one free" deal. Not sure if I would buy again. I think I started to feel some effects around 6 pm, then from 7 to 8 it was insane. It was a lot stronger than I thought it would be too. Not all good, I was very thirsty and had a headache that lasted most of today.

  8. Thc edibles are extremely intense, they affected me like a hallucinogenic and I saw images. It was actually more scary than fun. Smoking however was always better

  9. I had an edible brownie for the first time but the "high" didn't kick in till 3 hrs later. All it did was make the walls spin around me.. and was just slightly nauseous. If this is the high that everyone has been talking about for years then I think ima pass on actually trying smoking it. Unless someone can tell me different. Im listening

  10. MARIJUANA or THC Cannot Kill You at any Dose!!- Simple experiement , 10 people, give each person 25MG more edible THC and have each patient connected to EKG, EEG and monitored by Physicians and other medical professional. Monitor bother physical and psychological effects of all 10 patients. Part 2 of tests is after 2 hours has passed simply go to 475MG of Edible THC per patient. After 2 more hours give all 10 patients 1,000 MG of Edible THC and then wait 2 hours. This total dose per patient of Edible THC in 6 hours would be 1,500 MG. Report results, EKG, EEG, Physical observations and Psychological changes to THE ENTIRE MEDIA and to EVERY MEDICAL JOURNAL IN THE WORLD, TWICE! WOULD ANY of you sign up for such a test?

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