Marijuana Study Shows No Lung Cancer Risk

Dr. Donald Tashkin UCLA Geffen School of Medicine Pt 2 of 2. Conclusion of 2 part interview with the famous research doctor from UCLA Geffen School of …


  1. Never give up on treating your cancer for there is a cure and my Wife was once a cancer patient, am Jon Weise living in Belgium. Two years ago my wife suffered from lungs cancer and the doctor told us that nothing could be done, I was so frustrated and the thought of loosing my Wife was so unbearable that I lost all hope.

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  2. Stoned and driving, its possible, but be real its not as safe as not being stoned. Hashish Smokers that I know of have developed Lung cancer and heart disease, but they were heavy smokers, everthing in moderation. Cannabis can cure Im sure but smoking isnt nessessary, its bad for you. Most people i know that smoke do develop personality disorders, nothing too heavy, just two faced and paranoid…time will tell, look at Bob Marly what did he die of Hash cakes? smoke away and take it easy…

  3. those "withdrawal" symptoms are actually just sudden adaptions your body has to make which take a large amount of energy to compensate and cause stress on both the mind and body, the same thing would happen if you ate only apples all the time then suddenly started eating cake the body has a full spasm that lasts about 20 days, more often less, also a sudden withdrawal withen days isn't possible because thc remains in your body for 30 days which would feed your bodies craving until the shift ends

  4. hey man,i was in a car accident that caused me half my hand in '08…. oh wait, that was before i ever touched any drug of any type in my life, sorry I'm high right now, and the only other car accident i was in, was during a period of time i stopped smoking cause i believed lies like that douche is spitting, sorry for supporting your arguments with real life scenarios

  5. I like how people commenting are trying to directly refute what this doctor has studied for 40 years with their own mindless, factless opinions. whats wrong with you people?

  6. Yeah but no one recreationally smokes ruderalis, it is usually cross breeded with saliva as it has an extremely low THC content. it originated from wild HEMP..

  7. Ok, wow. that is just a moronic thing to say. Marijuana is a beautiful thing, but saying crack shit like this just gives pot a bad name. Certain people have addictive personalities, they can be addicted to coffee, masterbating, sandpaper, music, handwashing and marijuana. If your going to be an advocate for the DRUG then grow up and deal with it like an adult. Shooting off pseudo facts like that can only be detrimental to the cause. Deal with FACTS ONLY and maybe things will work for ignoramuses

  8. dont let the troll troll you, he is a troll. your being trolled. keep your energy for real life, talking to people on the streets, at school and work,,

  9. People need to get something straight here, Cannabis causes not harm to the lungs whatsoever. Yes, improperly grown or cured Cannabis can make one cough and give them a lot of phlegm, however, properly grown and cured Cannabis is very minimal on coughs AND phlegm, no problem at all. Secondly, when will people realize Cannabis isn't just a plant, there are 2 kinds = Indica and Sativa. Sativa = High, Energized, Laughing and Being Happy. Indica = Relaxed, Sedated, Stoned, and more for sleep.

  10. You could not be more wrong on both counts, in every State that has medical marijuana traffic deaths have gone down dramatically. There has NEVER been anyone getting HIV from sharing a pipe, not one. Do you anti-pot people just make stuff up?

  11. Then if there is such a small chance of HIV being transferred by pipe why mention it? It is HIV infections from saliva are literally non-existent

  12. I was addicted… Physically and mentally. I have nothing against those who smoke. But it was near impossible for me to quit because of headaches and sleep…Took a couple months.

  13. Lol, It has already been proven that Marijuana is not addictive. Everybody knows that now. The Government has been bs'ing people for a long time with there false studies and statements. Finally the REAL truth has been coming rebuke the Governments claims, Thank God. We are finally finding out that Marijuana is even safer than eating peanuts. At least 100 people die each year from eating peanuts from allergic complications. It's not harmful nor is it addictive.

  14. ive been smoking cannabis since I was 14 for cronic back pain. I have zero points, never had over 4 at any one time, and the only accident I was in when driving is when someone pulled out in front of me from a pvt driveway……

    I dont drink, I use no other medications or illegal or prescription drugs. I see a chiropractor regularly, and If i have a broken bone, or a huge gash somewhere, i ll seek a Medical Practicioner. until then, its Cannabis for health for me.

    Oh, im also happy in life

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