Marijuana Two-Minute Truths: Doesn't Cause Lung Cancer

Join Nydia as she answers this week’s question: Does marijuana cause cancer? Please subscribe to our videos!


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  2. but still, i dont know anyone stupid enough to try hard drugs but most people i know do smoke marijuana. but u r right the only way i could see it being a gateway drug is because people are forced into the black market.

  3. I like my cigarettes, but I know marijuana is good. I get so tired of seeing it treated like some major addictive drug, it is NOT addictive . And if marijuana is a gateway drug to harder drugs, then so is milk , we all start off drinking milk .

  4. Ok you're the dumbass there is not a single reputable study providing any conclusive evidence of damage to any single person that exclusively smokes pot. I assume you don't touch the stuff and clearly you haven't taken 15 minutes to research it, or notice that several states have legalized it because of all the irrefutable evidence. But I am sure that you: the person with no experience, knowledge, or basic problem solving skills, has all the answers right? Fuckin tool

  5. tbf it does make you ridiculously lazy though, and that doesn't help anyone out. It's fun to do when you're 18-21, but after that – if you're 35 and still stoning – have a look at what else you can do. Just a suggestion.

  6. Wrong wrong wrong. Whoever told you that lied to you. I suggest you spend 2 more hours doing some research and then you will know a more complete truth, unless you prefer to believe the old lies. Of course, if this is just your opinion, then you are certainly welcome to believe whatever you want. But opinions don't necessarily require facts, just a belief.

  7. This is such the biggest amount of bull, any smoke going into your lungs is bad for you and will cause damage. Its common knowledge -_-

  8. booze/alcohol is sold on every street corner in the world and kills more people than any other drug combined each year, it's also responsible for most beaten wives broken homes battered children and abusive relationships, it's a drug and was prohibited once in the US, it's offered to all ages starting from the really young as a 'tipple from granddads flask' or whatever sure fair enough but don't pass it of as anything else, if you want your drinkable drug then allow us our weed…

  9. How can yu sit there and say it does not cause cancer, smoking anything will cause mutations of the lungs cellular structure which leads to cancer – smoke is not mean to be inhaled

  10. endthedisease your dumb and saw that anti smoking video on tv thats not true lol… if it was true it would be all over the news there are infact 0 reports at least in la i just looked it up and 0% of any cancer was from weed… and i just took health before i graduated highschool and they didnt say 1 thing about it causing any kind of cancer on cigaretts…. besides dont act like u know whats up when you dont even smoke.. and besides lots of people use pipes and bongs anyways

  11. One joint contains more of the two main cancer causing agents in cigarettes. Because of the way people inhale and hold the smoke in one joint will be worse than a whole pack of cigs.

  12. first i just wanna say that I am pro Mary Jane. But it is true that weed produces more tar than cigarettes [which you can easily see by the thickness in the smoke] BUT! Its not the smoke it self that causes cancer, but the toxins in the smoke. Cigarettes contain a lot of radioactive substances in them and those substances is what cause cancer. So more tar yes thats why you're more likely to cough with a joint than a cig but compared to weed those tobacco toxins do way more damage..

  13. this video is so right lol idk whats up with people saying 1 joint is more tar than 4 cigarets and all the videos that say it have no proof they just "claim" lmfao

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