Marijuana Use and Psychopathology in Adolescents- Dr. Gregory Barclay, 10/9/13

Marijuana Use and Psychopathology in Adolescents MGMC Physician Grand Rounds 10/9/13 Gregory Barclay, MD Barclay & Associates, P.C..


  1. 6-10% of people will have a problem with everything, caffiene , starch , aspirin , lactose , penicillin , sucrose , …. the studies need to be exposed. statistics can be tweeked. under the current regime of prohibition , much information is suppressed & blocked.

    there is an excellent saying "the counsel of many is wise ?… sample a greater cross section of the populace for a truer image.

    PROHIBITION that tends to ruin lives for the stigma attached records against people who get CAUGHT

  2. the problem exists with people who ABUSE marijuana. most people will NOT have a problem. those who USE & ABUSE marijuana , who smoke the strongest strains every day all day , WILL HAVE problems. We have these STRONG varieties because OF PROHIBITION .. which creates a black market that demands the strongest bang for bucks..
    NO , children are not recommended to use Mairjuana because of developing brains , BUT please don't DISMISS cannabis for it's proven MEDICAL efficacy , EDUCATION.

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