Marijuana won in every state it was on the ballot—Here's what it means

Voters in four states on Tuesday approved measures to legalize and tax recreational marijuana for adults. Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota …


  1. So I was born right when marijuana was made illegal.
    I’ve been sneaking around trying to smoke it without getting fired or winding up in jail my entire life.
    Now the government is going to say, "Whoops. My bad. Go ahead and smoke it." right when I’m about to die of old age.
    Thanks again, world.

  2. Russia subsidizes vodka so all Russians can afford it in bulk. By keeping people intoxicated they won't notice how bad things are in Russia.
    Lawmakers in the U.S. have the same thing in mind only they want to strangle people with additional taxes while we're doped up on "pot".

  3. I found out that it helps me in recalling events. What I mean is I can remember my sons mother asking me for a abortion, but now that ii use marijuana i can see her dad staring back at me. I guess he was in astro projection at that moment and remote controlling his daughter. Freemasons at work, this is the true reason it is considered the most dangerous drug in the world. This was also seen when Obama a stro projected into a state patrol during a traffic stop. Weird stories but i guess the thoughts behind those involved are not good. Their are two sides of the fence, nice to be able to see what you are dealing with. All those fighting to keep it from the population are behind this.

  4. It means that the politicians still won't make it legal, just like in NJ. So we the people had to vote on it because our politicians, (mostly the republican ones), think they should tell us what we want, and don't want. So as someone who has had 30 operations in the past 50-years, 20 because of Vietnam, and 10 because God just likes to crap on some of us; I was an outlaw for 50 years, until my state passed medical marijuana 4 years ago, and I became a MM patient! Unfortunately I live in the only republican controlled county in my state, and they don't want any dispensaries in their towns, so the closest one to me is an hour away. So this year, we the people have made it legal, and they are still trying to make it a crime. An once of pot costs $440 from the state run dispensaries, and minimum wage is $11.00 an hour. That pretty much leaves the working poor still buying their pot on the black market, just like they buy cigarettes now, 1 at a time, because they cant afford to buy a pack.
    And since my medical conditions are making it harder, and harder to make this 2 hour trip, I'm probably going back to the black market too. Why? When the government doesn't do what you tell them to; then only outlaws are free!

  5. step to LEGALIZING it in ALL of TEXAS ,DALLAS , FORT WORTH.📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷"I am writing to encourage you to stop criminalizing marijuana consumers in our state.
    Jail time and imposing life-destroying criminal records are the wrong approach to possession of a modest amount of marijuana. I hope you agree.
    Punishing an individual with a criminal record for a non-violent offense, such as the possession of marijuana, is heavy-handed. A criminal conviction, even if the conviction is a misdemeanor and no jail time is served, can lead to a lifetime of harsh collateral consequences. A conviction can result in the denial of student financial aid, housing, employment, and professional licenses.
    Our current marijuana laws are not being enforced fairly.
    It is time for a more even-handed and just approach to marijuana possession. Twenty-seven states have decriminalized marijuana possession. Our state should do the same."

  6. Don't get paranoid. Just take little puffs. Do not roll big jiant joints. If it's good you should not have to inhale. Just swish it around in your mouth and blow it out.

  7. Regular marijuana users have Mental Health problems .They suffer depression & paranoia..Legalising saves governments Billions in building Mental Hospitals for them.

  8. Recreational use, cannot be allowed nor to be legalized since recreational use is a term for being drug addicts, medical professionals admitted the harmful effects of marijuana, and no medical employees or professionals are to support things that takes away life from the source, the roots, root causes of evil, viles, evildoers. Education that educates its harmful effects in all walks of life, cannot be legalized, law makers that are serving their sentences, and to serve their sentence with the approval of the unaccepted, the root causes of poverty, the harmful effects to another. Put yourselves on the soles of another, and you'll know why it is not to be legalized but to be BANNED.

  9. In our county We Don't Legalize anything we the community decide what we are going to be able to use and what we do not allow.we do not ever know .You know one day we the community may say ok and the next day we might just change our mind. If we get bad reports or videos or any publishing about anything that someone is doing and it's affecting them in a bad way or the prices and quality and quantity are not correct then we're going to have to investigate it and if it's investigated and it's more than one person that it's happening to whatever the outcome is which is the treatment syptoms from whatever is available then we'll know something's wrong but until people can speak up and stand up for their own self no one can do anything about the situation it just stays the same and it does not ever get better. That's the problem in this whole wide world. When you have good leaders and good community members / good government and good public health officials and good D.E.A Doctors who can be honest and available upon request if needed then everything works out good maybe How Will I Know I haven't known that for like like 20 years or so but you know I believe in our community and I believe in every single person that exists in the entire world entire universe and I know everything is going to be okay soon but right now my heart is hurting there's something wrong maybe I'll tell you later.. so I would suggest everyone in our community go to the public health with official officer and dea doctor so that they can get their Black Label prescription if they want to be able to participate in their own business. If the police catch people doing things and it's reported by whoever and the person does not have black label permissions people will be in jail and people will be held responsible for not going to the doctor and getting that black box label prescription for whatever they need that is not available at the pharmacy. how can the community even allow for people to bring drugs into the community if they have no idea what drugs are even in the community at all cuz they don't do drugs? WE have to work as a team in our community to get WHAT WE want, learn how to be transparent and honest maybe you might be successful in whatever you want and need. Also if people do not get the correct medications and there are actions being done behind closed doors that cause people brain damage in the front OF THEIR BRAIN on purpose that is the death penalty.2020

  10. Fact check this: If Trump had tried to federally legalized weed this past summer. He would have won the 2020 election by a landslide. Because Nancy Pelosi and the House would have fought against it just because it fits their Hate Trump agenda.

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