Marijuana & Your Metabolism

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  1. Hey Can you guys or someone else answer my question: theoretically, if you intook just thc not cbd, would you get all the effects of appetite but none of the effects of weight loss? They sell thc oil seperate from cbd

  2. I wanted to specifically learn about marijuana edibles and weight loss. I don’t smoke but I’m trying not to drink as much alcohol and edibles seem to help with that. So I was wondering if (assuming I am active and have the discipline to eat a healthy diet consistently) edibles would help or hinder this process! I guess aside from research, the only way is to try it and find out 😝

  3. So. According to these “studies”, for an improved super human metabolism, we should all just be eating, smoking, vaping and rubbing Cbd oil all over our bodies 24/7. I’m sure with this new found knowledge, we should all have no trouble achieving our weight, health and fitness goals. I can’t wait to hear about all the wonders and benefits that cannabis contributes to our mental health, personal development, productivity and income.

  4. I lost 15kgs last year in 2 months. No excercise. Eating more than usual. Smokes 5-6 joints a day, did bong everyday for 1 month. It was such a good times. And the stuff was just out of this world and super super super cheap. Very bery very unusual. Those were the days with amazing prog rock, rainy days and smoking all the time. I never had any flu in that period of time (usually i get bad throat during rains). My joints were amazingly smooth. I was way more happy, i still am. Initially it drowned me into depression but with some mental exercises, meditation and good discussion with my room mates i got out of that shitty phase.

  5. All this time people hollering how bad weed is.. yet I look younger than my age and apparently from your studies.. I’ll live forever!! 🦹🏽‍♀️🍃😂😩😂

  6. Thank you for not being biased, most videos on cannabis have very biased info weather it’s against or for it but you guys seemed to give us just the facts and nothing else which is great 🤘🏽

  7. funny thing is I was fat before I started smoking and now combining it with working out and also how for some reason weed suppresses my hunger (and I don’t binge when I do get hungry) and I’ve lost about 5 lbs 😀

  8. My case i buy canabis oil for my insomnia,anxiety and gerd…i use that oil for cure this but i stil so hard to sleep and yesterday at 5.00pm i jogg to gain weight body because i skinny because i eat like a fat gut still same shape and my nose bone had injured 9 years ago…but all of this case still happen…can somebody help me…

  9. I mean these are facts so thats that, however………
    I'm 28 and I quit smoking 7 months ago, I've been smoking since I was 15… I lost 15 lbs after I stopped smoking and I wasn't actively trying.

  10. Marijuana keeps your heart rate up for hours. And Thats the time tested well known way to lose weight.. And yes! There are many many strains. Do Not Take Marijuana simply for weight loss people. Eat Raw Whole Foods and Work Out.

  11. I am 55 and have taken CBD, it worked nice for body pains, (knees, elbows).
    But I was introduced to weed again after many years away from it.
    I have been smoking, taking capsules, edibles for about 6 months and have lost 33 pounds. I eat fairly clean and don’t work out. Weed definitely is the key to my weight loss.

  12. I quit smoking and I gained 20 pounds in a year .Ive been active all my life and I’m fit , I have abs .This video is accurate on marijuana and metabolism .When I was smoking weed I actually eat less food and I’m more ripped , of course you get the munchies but the overall amount of food I ate was less .

  13. I have not smoked for over 10 years. Had first panic attack in August. Was prescribed anti depressive and valium. Hit the weed instead. 13 months later stopped smoking again.
    Anxiety gone without pharmacy meds.
    Bonus: Lost 18 bloody kilos.. yay
    A little worried I'll put the weight back on now. Gives me more energy, more confidence, and I loose weight.

  14. Great info, Ive been medicinal since 16, used to have a six pack all the nice things and since stopping I've done nothing but gained weight while not changing anything in my lifestyle. I'm now 200 lb from 170 and can no longer see any definition in my body, I understand pot will affect people differently but it made me more focused and doubled my endurance I believe via the improved blood flow. Also the one change is I found myself no longer going on hikes to smoke spots and now just go to the gym for my cardio. Only thing I disagree with was the 'out of it' statement and laziness one as well, I was almost more active/motivated to get out of the house when I burned everyday. I'm going to go back to burning cause I have seen no changes mentally with out it and only negatives physically. Watched the vid just to understand its affects on metabolism and it only backed up my theory as to why I felt physically better and more energetic with it. Just for those reading I have bad anxiety therefore use high the strains, but I never got the 'munchies' people warned me of, if you do I agree that cbd is the strain for you personally

  15. I've studied this in depth. Pot smokers are eating MORE yet losing weight. Losing weight without diet or exercise is related to sickness not health. This is NOT a good thing. This is a result of the digestive system WEAKENING. Slowed gut motility, lower stomach acid, weakened immune system and higher rates of sibo (imbalance of good bacteria in the gut) It takes several months of smoking before this starts happening. Most marijuana benefits REVERSE after about 1 year of regular use. ALL drugs have a secondary delayed response.. meaning the benefits do a 180 turn. You shouldn't be losing weight for no reason because you are also not absorbing the vitamins, minerals and proteins properly. Peace

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