Mars Hydro 2×2 Grow tent + TS 600 Light || GELATO OG || GROWING CANNABIS || EP 6 #MarsHydroCup

Welcome Back To another Update From Intents Growing Thank you guys SO MUCH for all the suppot. Few days behind on Uploading, Threw my back out last …


  1. I have a ts600 an it has done wonders for my girls😁. Having said that I have added a red light to use from week 2 of flower to simulate sunrise an sunset an it's working Great. The red light comes on 10 mins b4 the ts600 an stays for on 10 mins then goes off, with the same at lights off

  2. Bad ass i grew from 90 to 2000 retired at age 22 and just grew for personal use only one strain…bubba kush …20 years later im still growing bubba kush and will keep doing it . i do grow others but mainly love the bubba ….

  3. My opinion of this light is not too good. My first ts 600 broke one panel of 5 after 1 months of use, the sellers refound me with another ts 600, after 3-4 weeks of use the light broke same the first in the exact position of the other the same panel, it has a design problem and after a while the usual panel burns out, it is definitely a transistor or soldering problem, if anyone have a same problem and can fix it please leave me a message

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