Medical Cannabis Basics | Gastrointestinal Society

In this video, we go over some of the basics about medical cannabis. Franҫais : The Gastrointestinal Society, a registered …


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  2. Cannabis saved my life. It treated my depression and anxiety in 6 months than all meds I took in 10 years.
    It healed my stiff muscles. I haven't touched any pain killers in nearly a year and finally
    It treated my painful arthritis. I no longer take meds and methrotxate which cause fogginess and memory loss

    I have a sharp memory. My depression always made me focus on the bad ones. Cannabis helped me focus and remember the good memories and experiences. It is a life changer

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  4. I have Chronic pancreatitis. Nobody's helping me Im on dilaudid but ran out 2 weeks ago now I have gone through the withdrawal the pain and discomfort is insane near suicidal. Tried weed and it works a little. Is there a specialist in Canada you know of. I would have surgery or anything to fix it . Thanks . Looking for help had this disease for over 5 yrs the last 2 years in the emergency at least twice monthly. I want it fixed. I hate using drugs it is destroying my life and body

  5. My doctor refuses to prescribe cannabis to me for my neuropathic pain. She also refuses to refer me. She has NO interest in me trying it.

    So I have to pay the expensive prices for the legal recreational stuff that can sometimes be in short supply.

    I get lain in my whole body for days on end. When I have no cannabis, I have to take 5 pills atleast twice a day. What would be better? All those pills with moderate pain relief, or cannabis oils with long lasting efficient relief? The pills are tearing up my insides. The cannabis gives me some manageable dry mouth symptoms, but gives me a whole day of relief, with better sleep, better mood, and slowing my racing thoughts to a managable level so I can speak clearly.

    But my doctor doesn't listen. I need prescription so I can stop having to pay these ridiculous prices for medicine that helps me.

  6. Also good for low blood pressure..also organic blood thinner way better n safer than Advil etc..cannabis helps deliver nutrients in your blood through your body faster too. Same reason your eyes become red ,it's because the blood flow is quick going through every little vein in your eyes..:)

  7. I'm a veteran that served as a Corpsman in the Marine Corps. With a service related back injury from carrying Marines. Now i sit here just today. I have about 3 episodes of excruciating back pain a month in which i can not walk of function for 2 or 3 days . The VA has even stopped giving opiod pain meds and wants to give Tylenol with codeine. Hardly helps. When i did smoke weed in the past it worked better. Now i live in pain. Hoping one day Texas will legalize it. Or drop the requirements to get medicinal card. Shame that people have to have terminal cancr here in Texas to be able to get it. Meanwhile our only solutuion is damaging pills. I served my country and risked my life to Protect Marines. And i cant CHOOSE to have Marijuana ??? The only thing that rivals my pain right now is the anger at not allowing me to use. This is an ABSOLUTE DISPICABLE TRAVESTY!!!

  8. Saying medical marijuana is like saying medical tomatoes. I worked in the industry and I came to learn there is no difference between Rec and Med its just a label to make people feel comfortable. Its a plant guys come on!!!

  9. tbh I hate it went teachers force on everyone that marijuana isn't medical they act like kids are gonna stay the same as them and never try drugs…

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