Medical Marijuana 411 Emily Sander – Lymphoma Cancer Survivor – Medical Marijuana Treatment

Medical Marijuana 411 ( interview with Emily Sander, student and lymphoma cancer survivor talks about how she utilized …


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  2. I too had lymphoma. Stage II hodgkins lymphoma. And medical marijuana had a major impact during my treatment. Anti-nausea meds are 80+ dollars per pill. When I could eat a edible and feel the same effects plus be in a better mood. Not legalizing marijuana is becoming a moral issue when it comes to the number of lives that it could be benefiting if it was legal.

  3. @from212 well she allso a whiny bitch talking howe harsh weed is and i dont want my house smelling lie it thatmell?/ ecuse me miss! it frigging saving yur damm lkie!, if i had to do it to save my damm life hell i smoke it evert dy fuck the shit !

  4. @lbjoshbal thats what they want you to think. normally people who are in this situation will eat it instead because its more practical. a vape will do just as well. and bongs and other glass can be good to. not everyone milks them to melt there face, some take just what they need

  5. – God Bless Her and Heal Fast – She is naturally beautiful – Brilliant Smile and Eyes and she has BRAINS too and so well spoken! – Future Miss America – ?_? – I Love it when I am right – Great Video – BLESSED WISHES!

  6. Wow, you are a medical marijuana user who really needs it. I expected a woman who has fought a lot of 'battles', looking tired, yet what do I see? A vibrant woman that radiates positivity!.
    You really are beautiful in the widest sense of the word. I hope you will do well, I also hope that your words will help others. Thank you for the video.

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