Medical Marijuana Experts – Medical Cannabis & Schizophrenia

Dr. Jack Rothman discusses schizophrenia, and how medical cannabis might effectively treat patients with schizophrenia. He also answers a question about …


  1. This is a very dangerous thing. My brother who is bipolar has now gone psychotic for the second time in a year and a half and both times are when he started smoking pot all day every day. He now thinks he is on a mission from God to save the world while making up things like molestation that never happened. Please do NOT think you can self medicate with marijuana… Not sure why I keep seeing videos like this without dire warnings about self medicating.

  2. i use your services for nearly 2 years now. i am a schizophrenic. everyone is different. THC has taken me off of all 5 of my other meds. it dose not help in a traditional way. it helps me cope and deal with my illness in a healthy way. i cannot use sativa strains as they do make me more paranoid. but indica strains are perfect for me. I have found that a high THC with a high CBG content seems to work the best for me. I know there is no cure and only treatment and THC has been the only thing that has ever worked for me. when i can cope with my triggars it keeps my more sever schizophrenic symptoms from taking over. I have developed healthy habits and a daily routine to keep me this way all because of the benefits of THC. when i was taking my tradition schizophrenia meds i would slip in to physcosis ever few months but now i been hospital free for two years. I cannot do the CBD only though THC and CBD dose seem to work pretty well.

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