Medical marijuana for ADD and it's good for kids!

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  1. @chaldo4life93 Correction..Cannabis doesn't help YOU(individually) pay attention. But it helps me 🙂 Nothing has the exact same effect on anyone really.

  2. get it legalized it helps the economy and everyone will be in a good state of mind every day waking up being able to smoke without police sniffing around

  3. @chaldo4life93 maybe not for you man it's different for everybody. it helps me sometimes it also depends on the strain some make you focus better then others

  4. @chubbsmaloyHD Keep in mind that while your brain is still developing, which it is till age 20, cannabis will interfere with the development of "highways" in your brain, which carries huge amount of information. The "highways" will develop differently and this can very well make you permanently more prone to anxiety, paranoia and the like. I recommend that you regulate the amount of cannabis you smoke, and keep it at a low dose while your brain is still under development.

  5. As much as I LOVE weed, this sounds completely ludicrous. I'm 17 and I go to school high almost everyday. I must admit, that while high I do score better on tests but it certainly does NOT help you pay attention -.-

  6. I have been smoking since i was 12 yrs old and now im 16 and i gotta say weeed helped me alot in school i would pay more attention in class and be more focus ppl say u cant function when ur high but thats a lie u could if u try some ppl just dont want to function its not the weed its them

  7. Damn straight this would be a good treatment for ADD and ADHD. I dont suffer from either one, but being a regular smoker of the buds, theres no way that I could not recognize how cannabis centers your attention to specific things that you are doing at the moment. And thats what kids that suffer from this need, the ability to hone there attention down to one thing at a time. Giving them the ability to effectively listen to their parents and teachers in school. A good sativa/indica hybrid-perfect

  8. hello im 14 years old i have been smoking weed for a year i have add and have always had bad grades after i started smoking i have been getting all a's and b's and marijuana has helped alot thank you

  9. I have adhd and i smoke weed, i can ASSURE you it does not help. Weed will make the attention span even shorter, it may calm you down but it does not help the problem, only makes it worse over time. also, a low dose will not help as the effect isnt dosable, if you take much you need more to get stoned if you take littlle you need little. keep weed as a medicinal painkiller not a tranq.

  10. I don't know if this is entierly true… Don't get me wrong! I love Cannabis, its harmless and fun! But When I'm High, I feel like I have the worst ADD ever, LOL!

  11. " that's what patients reported to me and I listened to them" What a feakin concept! It makes me wonder how long will it be before this intelligent woman is tried to be made to look like a quack? Bless her for speaking what she knows is the truth.

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