Medical Marijuana For Chronic Pain | EDS

Medical marijuana can be a great tool for chronic pain warriors, including those with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Here’s an informational video on how I use it, how …


  1. There are tons of conditions for which patents cane be prescribed, that relate to this. A lot being hear say or what have you. One must experience the different types of medications available to you which derive from the Medical Cannabis Sativa Plant. Whether this be edibles (R.S.O. highly recommended) or Terp Sap as highly recommended. The two can do different things and be used in different ways. Very easy to consume and the taste is not too strong or bad at all IMO. Don't waste money on overly priced edibles for the name and packaging. Topical give or take – but concentrates for break through pain along with edibles like Rick Simpson OIL. (RSO)

  2. I live in CO do I need to go to a medical marijuana doctor or can I go to my regular Pcp? I don’t think my regular Pcp is the type to be on board with giving me a license he is old school

  3. Wish I could get these in the UK, I have fibromyalgia, my pain is unbearable. The pills prescribed are very dangerous anti epilepsy that caused dementia…..tried reducing them but my pain increased massively.
    Life is hard

  4. I use three different ratios too. I find that on CBD high strains, I do best using that in the morning to help with getting going – when fatigue is more my issue than pain. And so I rely a lot on Sativa CBD strains. I’m sorry that isn’t available to you there.
    In the evening though, when pains rob sleep, a strong THC indica helps with pain management better.
    I also find that with different strains I have different tolerances. Some I need to use far more or less than another to get roughly the same level of marginal relief. That said, I function in mobility and restorative rest far better while medicated than when I am not.
    So far for travel I’ve only been in other legal recreational and medical states. As such I find the nearby Rec dispensary wherever I’m visiting, & ask the bud tender what their medicinal strains are. Often after using Leafly to narrow down the ones that are purely recreational only. Then I buy just as much as I need for that time away. I’m in WA and visiting down in OR I’m able to continue the same meds there, in this way. I also stick mostly tO RSO or edibles when traveling so as to not have to deal with finding places to smoke. But while at home I mostly medicate in old skool methods like joints or water pipes.

  5. My whole family has EDS but my mom is in constant general pain. She recently started using marijuana and its helped her a lot. Since weed isn't legal where I live, her only option is to get some from a dealer. It's super inconvenient and usually causes her more pain because of the travel. I hope that in the future, weed gets recognized worldwide as a genuine solution to chronic pain.

  6. With me the medical marijuana only makes me high enough so I don't care that I'm in pain I'm still in pain unless I get totally totally stoned where not even able to stand on my two feet

  7. CBD pain – THC healing – maybe there is more in it that pharmacist have taken away they are making it a drug, just the THC and CBD. All I can tell you, the natural bud works for me. Also your stuff maybe crap, over dialated so you’ve been ripped off cause others a saying it does make you high.

  8. you should do the research and grow your own way cheaper. people with EDS have a tendency of not getting high off of their meds. I don't get high off of opiods either. it just takes the edge off of the pain. cannabis is the things that helps big time and they still don't want us to use it because they don't get a big kick back from it. like I said do your own research and grow your own. there are thousands of strains and they react with people bodies differently even if they are the same strain. you need to narrow it down and then do the ground work for yourself. you have to be your own doctor. at 58 and living with this since I was 14 I do not trust most doctors, they are useless to me. I do my own thing. doctors just need to give me what I want and leave me to it. I know more about myself than they do an doctors who do not think this way are arrogant useless idiots that I have no patience for one bit.

  9. I’m on medical marijuana in ny too, the highest dose for Cronic pain and other health n mental health issues. I find it so helpful. It’s just crazy expensive. I can’t even buy all 5 choices each month. I wish it was payed for by insurance. It is medicine!!! They pay for High doses of narcotics though!!! Smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

  10. Hate to say it, but weed does not help with chronic pain.. I broke my ankle in 2 places, and dislocated a few bones in or around my foot and tore every ligament in my ankle/foot RECENTLY. The pain when I came home from the hospital after surgery was intense. I was shaking the pain was so bad and it was CONSTANT. The surgeon proscribed me oxy-codeine 10's. I hate pills. So I only ate one half a pill at a time and ONLY if I really needed it.. Im very hard headed when it comes to not taking pills and honestly ive always said weed is better than pills for all kinda stuff. NOT PAIN. HELL NO NOT PAIN. infact my ankle hurt LESS before i got stoned. Now tat im stoned my ankle feels like kurt angles got it in a fucking ankle lock. It doesnt make the pain worse exactly it just makes focusing on the pain way easier to do. Which gives u the feeling that the pains getting worse. I would not reccommend weed for pain on any day. maybe anxciety or depression or sleep issues or other mental problems but not pain yo. anyone who trys to tell me dif right now can suck a fat dick. im living the shit RN

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