Medical Marijuana for Minors

Medical marijuana is legal in 20 states and the District of Columbia, but there are still use cases that are very controversial, like medical marijuana for children.


  1. That’s right monies medical so any judge any police anybody ever try to put me in jail again for trying to make money I’m gonna fucking murder you motherfuckers are playing nice to get out of jail to fucking kill all you fucking piece of shit watch me

  2. They need to legalize pot so families can make money it’s been a pandemic and no one in the United States organized a way for people to make money like cloning businesses and our government is trying to control how much money families make that means we live in communism. They shoved pills down my throat my whole life and called that medical what about people‘s mental health that tells them it’s easier to go to the beer store it’s cheaper this country has always been about making money it does not care about anyone

  3. They put me on pills I am 28 I’m a guy all their therapist and their psychiatrist ruined my life they sell alcohol at beer stores I want our congressmen severely beaten with a baseball bat in their homes in front of their children because the injustices that were done to me those people stand for why people like me r not right I am right if we live in a country that is concerned about attics they obviously tend to Lean on something else cannabis makes people happy all the years of people sitting in bars getting nothing done fighting arguing it reflects a lot of these people have children most of them they shove the pills down my throat my whole life from six years old anyone have a problem with me enjoying cannabis and growing it and making profit from it can get their families murdered.

  4. I know there's some mining pot smokers up there in the iron range of Minnesota because I worked with some of you had ranch treatment center you should remember me most people describe me as an a**** on the way out the door and thank me for being one. There are a lot of opportunities in the marijuana business and they're coming your way what's wrong with you guys doing what you enjoy for a living like hunting fishing gambling and smoking pot there are a lot of opportunities coming your way because you know if we build it they will come. Remember when miners didn't need a college degree I do how much did they cost you to get that degree?

  5. I use thc medical cannabis to treat my ptsd and that have smoked a dab and have had haulluction but I have only had it once and that I am twenty and use the cannabis for medical reason

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