Medical Marijuana for NFL & Schoolgirl Concussions?

… common–but what about treatment possibilities through medical marijuana and cannabinoid pharmaceuticals? We discuss the medical benefits of marijuana …


  1. Right this second have a severe headache plus pain all over by my body in part due to 3 care Crashes, none my fault plus a disease I saw an oncologist/pain specialist for over 15 yrs. that kept me functioning, but with drug laws changing since Aug. 1, 2014. my breathing stopped this weekend because the medication I was taking was not available & I had a severe allergic reaction to the only brand available. The manufacturer of the generic brand available may kill me. My head feels like it is exploding & my injuries from head to toe are killing me. My daughter who is a religious fanatic & not the expert my former Dr. was did not titrate the dosage correctly. This Dr. is in another state because their is no one in my city that is competent, or understands pain the way my genius previous Dr. He also prescribed another drug I am allergic to that is for seizures. I do not have seizures! I have unrelenting sharp pain.Because of the DEA people are suffering because Drs. are afraid to prescribe pain medication even though my letter states my pain is as bad as end stage cancer patients. I doubt the Dr. I see now even looked at my records since I was on triple the amount he gives me. My oncologist/specialist died a few years ago in his 50's. I hope this nice Dr. at the local urgent care will help me. The idiot wants me to wait until Tuesday. If I do I may not be here. Also the other Dr. won't accept insurance or Medicare. After 3 years I am suffering which I think this man thinks that is what Jesus wants you to do. I do not drink or smoke, overeat, use drugs etc. Suffering does not make you a better person, & my blood pressure was at stroke level because of the pain. I do not want to die because I have an elderly relative that I am a caregiver to. And there isn't anyone else that will take care of her. Death Panels are already here. It is called the DEA. One lady I hired to help me with my mom has a son that has PTSD & needs marijuana but it is illegal in our state & I do not know of any Southern State where it is used for medical purposes. I feel stuck in time living with this draconian laws & I hope that they can suffer the amount of pain or have someone they love be denied pain meds so they can reap what they sow.

  2. Here's the thing:
    Do you ever hear anyone talking about medical willow trees, the natural source for acetylsalicylic acid- what we call aspirin?
    No. You don't.
    That's because the willow tree has not been declared illegal.
    In point of fact there are over 1,500 trees, bushes and shrubs that are known to be, in whole or in part, poisonous or toxic. You can plant, grow, buy or sell any of them.
    Splain that, Lucy …

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