Medical Marijuana in Malaysia? | NEWSFLASH

Malaysia has hanged numerous individuals on charges of trafficking cannabis, but recently the wind has started to blow in a different direction – with Malaysia …


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  4. Alcohol is more dangerous than a weed. How many people die on alcohol then weed? Seems like y’all knew everything but unfortunately, zero knowledge about Weed πŸ‘ŽπŸ»


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  7. Just legalize marijuana, it's much healthier than a non-smoker, smoker… There is countless Chinese people who smoke marijuana daily, and their health is much better than an athlete, it is all dependent on the individual themselves… And had nothing to do with loss of perception, the death rate is none…. While smoking cigar, drinking alcohol kills, smoking marijuana is healthy, yes it has killed my chronic asthma that had been around since I was born… Now I'm 23, stop giving excuses for a medical plant that has more health benefits than negative health impacts, marijuana is nowhere on the charts on addiction…

  8. Ganja bahaya.. Rokok & alcohol x bahaya.(x haram) low apa ntah..xda ke ulamak or mufti nak tegur? Jaga priok la konon? Cost Hospital tinggi sbb sibuk rawat org yg sakit sbb rokok & alcohol pun masih government buat tuli.. Hamak(tamak/kebuluq) nak ke duit cukai rokok n alcohol..

  9. Very informative. I hope Malaysian citizen and lawmakers are more aware of the benefits of this plant instead of rebuke without reasonable fact. Why dont they critic on the use of alcohol that endanger other's life? Gov said want to curb illness from tobacco use? dont this is one of the solution for the opiate & other dangerous drug addiction? Does everyone can afford to buy expensive cancer medicine? Dont we all see many mental disturbance occur arround us? Afterall many corporation lobbying gov to criminalize this plant so they can profit from us with their product. I hope we all can help others that cannot help themselves. Educate ourselves more. Read more learn more change the globe. Cant deny that also many of us misuse this thing for fun, but also why cant teach them use responsibly like alcohol, right? Haha. Afterall Islam prohibit this without reason of use, can't deny that. Islam also prohibit duit kopi & misleading info about truth! Lets have dialogue about this for more clear of this issue in public!

  10. Haii kerajaan PH u ckp malaysia baru,inginkan kelainan,so buktikn,haii tun M dulu u illegel kan cannabis so skrg u perbaikki balik kesilapn u yg lampau..zaman dah berubah,zaman dah moden skrg,bukan zaman pak pandir lagi..

  11. Malaysia lawmakers after 50 years also wont legalize weed. Very slow and stupid, not looking to moving upwards like other countries. Big uuu aaahhh if one smokes weed as if its a uuuuhh heyyy that guy is a baddddd guyyyy… dont go near him/her. Low IQ and mentality. Katak dibawah tempurung. Catch the trafickers. not the smokers. Its much safer than alcohol. But alcohol is legal. Reverse lah this country

  12. I know you Malaysians are still learning about cannabis, but the studies show that THC is Imperative for cancer cures..CBD has many good benefits, but not a cancer cure on its own.

  13. its a pity your lady "specialist" is so far behind the times. Research has already moved on. She needs to catch up. This is why Msia is so far behind. She doesn't even know the corrrect name for CBD and THC!!! its cannabidiol and Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol, not cannabinoid and 9 tetrahydracannabinoid

  14. Actually weed is not danger.. but if we use it overdose it will acfect our mind…That True..United State earn 3 billion dolar the tax money…Hope Malaysia Legalize Marajuana Soon…

  15. x byk negara boleh tanam ganja.. so kalau malaysia benarkan penanaman dan pengunaan maka malaysia boleh keluarkan ganja yang bagus.. ini sbb kite berada di garisan khatulistiwa.. yang mana cahaya mata hari ada sepanjang tahun.. kelebihan ganja sudah kita ketahui.. keburukkan nye hampir tiada jika digunnakan dgn betul.. setahu aku kalau pegang pokok ganja x kene samak mcm pegang babi kan..? so pokok tu halal lahhhh.. sokeyannn

  16. Im eager to get into cigarettes and vapes but those are harmful. Marijuana on the other hand, outweigh its benefits with the balance amount of thc and cbd. Dudes, logic please :/

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