Medical Marijuana – Yes or No? with guest Donna Burch

In this show, Donna and I discuss marijuana, its medical benefits, uses, why it’s illegal, the different strains of it, dispensary, CBD oil, and more. Read about it: …


  1. I have neuropathy and fibro so I say YES to Medical Marijuana! Here in WI is is ilegal and Dr's can't give out prescriptions for it~ I went through Chemo 3 years ago and have terrible pain and burning all over my body from it (neuropathy)and have a very hard time to sleep at night. My Dr. told me to go find some marijuana and try it on my own. Those who are against marijuana should feel all the pain we go through ever day and it might change their mind! We need the laws to be changed for us who really need it for medical reasons.

  2. You ladies are amazing. You have addressed So much and answered many of my questions. One thing I would like you to include in your blogs is about edibles.
    I live in Ohio and it is legal for medicinal purposes. That was approved over a year ago !! I get email updates from the Ohio state agency that is running this. The updates all deal with details for setting up dispensaries and it looks slow going. My guess is in six months to a year. But I think it will be more like a year until it is up and running. Just my opinion. It is ridiculous. I hope that Cincinnati will be set up as a dispensary as we are the largest city in the southwest. But as Columbus is the capital it may go first. And then Cleveland is another big area.
    One more thing is it my understanding that most doctors will not want their patients on medical marijuana as it is not legal federally. As you know pain specialist doctors test urine and it will show up. And I read in a Facebook support group of someone being either let go by their doctor or being told they will be dropped as a patient if they use it even though there is a doctor who will approve it.
    Also Big Pharma is surely not happy about this as it will affect their medications. And they influence the doctors and are a powerful lobby in Washington and and I guess are trying to keep it from being legal on a Federal level.
    You may want to google how things are run in California. They have the dispensaries down to a science and probably Colorado too.

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