Medicinal marijuana miracle

We first met Carter and his parents a year ago. Baby Carter suffers from Lamellar Ichthyosis, a rare skin disorder with no care that causes dark scales because of …


  1. Great job grandmother does doctors don’t know what they’re doing any more in the society I was pretty much left for dead I am all on herbal medication and doing fine after two years I can bathe myself now God bless you little baby what a miracle

  2. Cannabis/hemp oil has been shown to help with diabetes,all type cancer,heart disease, syndrome, liver disease, kidney disease, HIV/aids,epilepsy, PTSD/PTS, arthritis,asthma. etc. Powerful medicine selling like Hot cake It cures beyond your expectations. Buy one today and give testimony of this wonderful product.Email him ( )

  3. Can someone get me in touch with the grandmother? I have the same skin disorder and I live in Vegas and I'm dying to try it or learn how to make it. Thanks in advance! This is awesome!

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