Mental Withdrawals While Quitting Marijuana

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  1. I don't know man, I smoked for 3 years daily. I'm quitting now to beat my addiction, but I don't want to quit weed forever because I love it and many problems you describe I never experienced. What is the best way to keep smoking while keeping my addiction in check?

  2. On day 9 of not smoking. Physically, I feel so much better and I’ve been exercising too so I know that’s helping. One thing I have noticed is anxiety and feeling very overwhelmed when I go to the store when I have to bring my kiddos with me. I went to Target a couple days ago and there were a lot of people, my kid kept asking me for things, and was feeling like I just had to get the F out of there. Generally, a basic trip to the store wouldn’t stress me out like that, but the few times I’ve had to go since stopping weed, oh man, I just feel so irritated and overwhelmed. I can’t wait for that to pass. I do lots of deep breathing to help chill me out.

  3. To everyone going through weed/cannabis withdrawal trust me it does it better it’s been 6 months since I was hooked on weed and had a out of body experience weed is a terrible mind trick being only 20 years old I was having depression, anxiety, irritability, no appetite, I was hallucinating so much but it’s all In Your head by the way it happened to me July 13th 2020 and I had just turned 21 my birthday was july 28 I was going crazy for 2 weeks straight I personally wouldn’t touch weed again it’s the devil happy new year everyone I hope you know you’ll be normal again.

  4. I feel like weed gives people major anxiety like that definitely has to be one of the side effects that it gives you. I say this because I never really had anxiety problems before I started smoking weed and when I started and my tolerance went through the roof I would have anxiety attacks and just random panics and started becoming anti-social over time but I quit, on day 11 right now and counting but it’s definitely a blessing to have gotten rid of weed because without being intoxicated all day everyday I feel like I’ve woken up out a trance like everyday I feel like I’m returning back to normal and it’s quite an experience.

  5. Im 14 days in after smoking every day for 20 odd years, feeling ok except for a bit of boredom and pretty bad night sweats , thinking that I might have cracked it now

  6. I'm a new subscriber so forgive me if this has been mentioned before. I've seen several of your videos now and I appreciate what you do and find it very helpful with my own struggles. Has anyone ever told you that at certain points in your video you sound almost exactly like Matthew McConaughey. It's pretty cool, man. Just an observation. Thank you!

  7. bro ur straight up gold man, the wisdom you possess, the humility and the awareness you have for your age. keep it up man, your advice is helping so many people. get angy and use it in a positive way, I learned that from you, now im using my anger to fuel my self control and my passion to grow and be a better person, and move on to my higher self(no pun intended) Cheers brother.

  8. I just recently stopped smoking about 3 weeks ago after smoking heavily everyday for years I’m not craving weed anymore but I’m having sever panic attacks & anxiety almost 24/7 is this normal & if so how long should I expect this to last because it is crippling.

  9. Dude you just told the story of my life. Heavy use>Quitting several months >then relapse again under the idea that it will be only occasional use this time.. but honestly this is the biggest lie you can tell yourself about.

    Thank you for your very helpful video!

  10. I went five years without it then someone spiked my vodka with resin (asshole) that wont happen again but then i started smoking the the occasional joint then that led to a pipe which led back to the bong a few at first now back to full blown addiction but im ready to face it head on😠

  11. im kinda worried for myself. i smoked a pen of some of the best oil/ wax in only 4 days, which is a lot for me, and i didnt sleep at all last night or even tonight its almost 2:am. should i go to hospital? what do i ask for or say? also havent been eating well, so im panicky

  12. Ive only been smoking it regularly for like 4 months im quiting with an app i rolled a j earlier and sat down thinking do i wanna keep smoking it, put the joint on the table and started my detox on my app

  13. Im on day 5 of quitting, weined down for a month when i left town with only a quarter. I smoked a shit ton from 17-19, i quit for 3 months then went back to it after christmas and casually smoked every know and then up until march is when it turned into everyday. It got worse than before since im 20 and work full time, i was going through around 3 ounces in a month up until my grandmother passed mid july and i had to leave town for a couple weeks with just 7g. Weined off for a month because i had no choice since i had like 2-3 days worth in 7g from what i was used to smoking. I quit fully 5 days ago and never going back. I felt like i was reaching the point of psychosis, I already developed the anxiety disorder and it was getting so bad i didnt want to be alive, i was spending close to 600-800 a month on weed for 84g for just 30 days. My mental health eas in a really bad place. I can never smoke again and i never want to because of how bad ive let it get now i see really how bad my mental heath can be effected

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