Mettrum Medical Cannabis Oil Unboxing and Review!

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  1. Although I liked their oil, I was totally disgusted when pesticides were found in their product. It's all about money. You can't tell me no one knew about the use of myclobutanil.

  2. Hey lady this is the same company Ive been with over 2 yrs and I would like to clear up some stuff for ya if it helps…plus you blocked your NAME but failed to when you showed that bottle of Yellow (cbd's) be careful Dr. Kahn might get upset. The Blue dont get you as high as the Red in my opinion as Ive used them ALL over my time with Met. now Im just using the Yellow and as of December they are OUT OF PRODUCT. I sent them email to voice my concerns and they got back to me fast –now they have 3 plants going non stop and at first I used the dried but after my last Doc. apointment I have also been diag. with emphasema so I DO NOT smoke anymore…(still hooked on cigs tho =( ) Smoking is a higher tar but not as bad as the street crap and under your and my agreaments we cant buy on the streets as they will test you or at least my Doc does every visit. I also use morphine and a few other meds BUT this oil is so good Im hoping to get off them this yr. They STILL have NO PRODUCT and as the biggest suplier in Canada Im getting frustrated with over 6 thousand clients plus…..this is a game changer and NO ONE has BETTER OIL than Met…DO NOT make your own and as some comments suggest their way I say DO NOT its garbage and does not help you at all..stay safe and be smart and good luck in your recovery~~Wox~

  3. Rob M and anyone else who wants to make their own oil. This is the recipe I use.
    10 grams ground up bud. Put into covered nonmetal oven safe dish.
    Place dish is oven at 220* F for 15 min.
    Do not open lid. Then leaving dish in oven. Turn up oven temp to 280*F and bake for 30 more min.
    After the 30 minutes, Turn oven temp down to 200*F and take dish out of oven. DO NOT OPEN dish lid. Leave covered dish out of oven for 10 minutes. Then add 1 cup of a good olive oil to herbs. Gently stir herb and oil together. Cover and place dish in the 200*F oven for 9 hours.
    After 9 hours, turn oven off. Leaving the dish covered, remove it from oven, DO NOT OPEN LID, and let it cool at room temp for 1 hour before straining.
    Strain through Cheese cloth or coffee filter. Then bottle, label and date.
    I keep out one bottle to use and refrigerate the rest. Take out of frig as I need it. Shake bottle before using. Good luck and stay well.

  4. Organigram as well as whatever they sold to Aurora was found to have both bifenazate and myclobutanil in all of their products from Feb 1st 2016 – December 16th 2016. Mettrum has had a similar incident in the past as well.

  5. I recommend using Ethanol for this process and getting your alcohol to -50 degrees, also freezing the plant material as cold as you can as well. Also stove top boiling off of alcohol is very dangerous with many of these methods. Rainier Distillers offers a device to recapture alcohol. You can get product up to 90-97% total cannabinoid count, and even make clear oil that is activated for edibles. The best part is you can get your cost per gallon down to about $5.00 using the Big Witch Herbal Extractor. Then you can recapture up to 90% of your ethanol for reuse. Way cheaper, healthier with a great product. With the 5 Gallon Weed Witch you can add temperature and, and add a feeder tank for automation allowing you to process over 100 lbs of plant material a day.

  6. Wow! This would never make it past the sniffer dogs at customs here! It's completely illegal but I must admit that I think a medical license to use it seems viable. I have heard that it can have a positive effect when it's not abused.

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