Minnesota Cannabis Legalization – (HF 4632) – MN Cannabis Laws & News

Minnesota Cannabis Legalization – (HF 4632) – MN Cannabis Laws & News #MinnesotaCannabisLegalization (HF 4632) A bill to legalize cannabis is working …


  1. If everyone thinks this is a great thing how about do some research about the rot going on in Colorado. How a regular day you see people jumping out of windows, dead on the sidewalks, random dead people all over. Does Minnesota really want to live in this hell? Research where it was legalized first and get educated before you vote for this or read my article below. Regardless Minnesota may legalize it all they want however it's NOT LEGAL period under Federal Law. Please folks get educated. The politicians want everyone hooked on drugs so that way people won't care that we have been slaves to the government! Wake up Minnesota!

  2. The Republican Senate in Minnesota votes straight line against Legal Cannabis. The Republican Senate maintained a majority in the November election so it's not getting passed any time soon. No referendum vote which would pass easily in Minnesota. The Committee that oversaw a potential legal Cannabis bill was stacked with majority Republicans when Democrats tried to even introduce a legal Cannabis bill last time, so it got shot down before it could even go to a vote. I don't smoke it but I believe that it should be legal for adults.

  3. Illinois needs this homegrown law too. Our state wants cannabis legal so they can still penalize the citizens. In Minnesota if only 4 plants are growing flowering, as the other 4 are in veg, they must learn loop growing technique.

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