Most Expensive Cannabis in USA, Luxury Brand: Canndescent, Episode 7, California

Deep Roots Episode 6 ‘Aeriz’- Canna Cribs: Episode 7 – Canndescent, the originator of luxury cannabis, filmed on location in Desert …


  1. "luxury brand"!!!!! No love for the growing art, just $ signs.Sell your stuff to yuppies, or film stars. Theyll buy into "luxury" weed. FFS, I stumbled across this crap with YTs weird algorithim. What a load of old tosh.

  2. Any other long time smokers of the bud pissed off that what used to make us criminals for growing a couple of plants at home is now all about databases, profit margins and rocket box pre rolled J’s for industrial scale business men. People just wanted to get high without getting hassled.. or a second mortgage to afford the shit.

  3. So gay what he weed come to I love the good old days where one had the balls to just grow the plant and make a shit ton of money now is just who ever got the deeper pockets gonna be in the industry really wish they make it ilegal all over again

  4. Ive trimmed a few kilos of their products, always high quality. Only thing that bothered me was they call their strains generalized names for the type of phenotype indica sativa hybrid such as; Uplift, Relax, Cruise and dont tell what their strains names actually are. I think of Canndescent as the introduction to becoming a stoner today. Real connoisseurs would want to know specifics.

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