My First Time Smoking CBD | Hightop Dreadlocks | #dreadlockjourmey #tplocks #CBD

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  1. I smoke a ton and I gotta say, CBD weed (with less than 1% THC) is honestly some of my favorite. Its good on its own, or you can mix it with regular weed for a lighter high. Also super dope for when you accidentally get a little too faded and need to stop tweaking

  2. I suffer from anxeity and im in constant fear of getting seizures cuz i battled with it before and i just want sum for dat and to calm.down im christian but i believe their are good type of cbd

  3. You gotta check out delta-8 stuff made from hemp , it’s legal in 42 states and it gets you higher than CBD but still without the anxiety from Delta-9 thc

  4. Thank you so much for this, I have nothing against weed, just definetely not for me. I have anxiety, depression, panic attacks. It doesnt matter how many times I smoke weed, I start putting pieces of puzzles together that causes worse anxiety than a panic attack. Seen the cbd bud in the smoke shop and talked with the clerk. Honestly dont think I could of just jumped into trying cbd without some research, that 3-4 hours of being high in a dark extreme state of paranoia and anxiety for someone with issues already sober is hell, I honestly only kept trying to smoke weed because between the paranoia listening to only Kid Cudi kept me calm and relaxed and the music intensified. So will CBD bud help relax, intensify music, taste, without the paranoia? If so, that maybe the single handed best damn medication there is for depression and anxiety lol.

  5. I can still see your eyes get glassy from the beginning to the end of the video! Im a breeder that worked for the University of Kingston setting up their cannabis program. So cheers to anyone who helps to educate themselves and others about this magical plant!

  6. Just rolled some “little miss sunshine” buds my wife got me at wild bills smoke shoppe. I smoke it for anxiety and when I do smoke it it feels like nothing matters just feel so relaxed and calm. Obviously Xanax is best for anxiety that I used to take but when I found out it can course dementia I was like Fuck that I’m switching to CBD

  7. "Say there ain't no gravity up there."
    "I'm about to show y'all who the real Puff Daddy is!"
    Gotta love Next Friday and uncle Elroy. 😀
    Love the video man.

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