My Go To Pain Reliever/CBD oil Full Spectrum

My go to pain reliever #CBDoil #pain #DegenerativeDiscDisease #hipreplacement.


  1. well hey thank you Deby,, I have a bad neck and I take med's.. and the wife has a very bad back we go to see are pain Dr Monday we will talk with the Dr.. thank you.. they have us taking time release morphine and it does help and you don't even know you're taking it which is kind of good..

  2. Ms. Deborah, if you will check out your local Vape Smoke Shop. You will find CBD products there. I have to say i have tried it. The 250 mgs did not faze me. But when I tried 1000 mgs i felt that. It’s like a calming feeling, it has a relaxing feeling. I guess what ever pain level you’re going through. As i have said in the past of what CBD Brand that you can buy. I’m not in Chronic Pain myself, so I choose not to use it. As you drop it in your mouth under your tongue. Please leave it there for 20 seconds before shallowing. It will give you the full affect. Now there is a product in Vape Shops now it’s Wild Hemp. Looks like a pack of cigarettes, but only 10 mgs per cigarette. No THC. You might want to try that. Please Take Care Of Yourself an Please Keep Posting. An God Bless You.

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