Navy Capital CEO on Reddit investor interest in the cannabis stocks

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  1. Really tired of these guys telling us what the value of something is. Nobody gives a F what this guy thinks about what he is long on in his portfolio. They are hating because we won’t invest into the companies they’re investing in. We should be able to drive up the price on whatever names we like and not have these hedge funds institutions do these short ladder attack on the stock. It’s a free market and if you’re a short seller I would pick your battles wisely

  2. I think it is actually a global market and Canadian Marijuana stock own many of the Marijuana Patents.
    Canopy Growth Corporation, for example, is partners with global recreational beverage company, (and is purchasing Acreage Holdings, Mulit-state licensed producer in the USA)
    I am thinking the guy is a racist appealing to nationalists to pump and dump his stocks. Good.

  3. I have always believe in Stock market and other Economics activities but It's really unfair that 2020 trading and stock market is just difficult and unbelievable which is too bad now i rather invest my money only on bitcion and gain more profit in return

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  5. Lool they dont even bring up the fact that "Those canadian LP" are global leaders of the industry whereas the ones he named are local (US only) so hes just not very smart. And he says you hope they are in the states. Aphria is in 14k restaurants + 10k retail + 1 airline. Noob af

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