Nebraska Governor Says That Legalizing Cannabis Will "Kill Your Kids" | TRICHOMES Morning Buzz

Cannabis News Update March 15, 2021 Today in the world of cannabis: Idaho lawmakers seek to pass laws to prohibit future cannabis legalization in the state, …


  1. I cant believe what their talking about, never heard of keeping your bowl hid from your kids on the top shelf? Or in a lock box, or safe? Never heard of anyone dieing from real bud. Maybe fake stuff? But if people were home growing it would be safer? …

  2. This man is clearly motivated by the money his sponsors big pharma are giving him. For people to put cannabis in any group of drugs or alcohol even is totally ridiculous! Cannabis has never killed anyone this data does not exist this man is clearly uneducated on the matter of the cannabis plant. This tells me we have a long way to go to educate people on how this plant works. Its just unbelievable to me,that somehow in 2021 people are saying preposterous things like marijuana will kill kids..WOW!! Its extremely clear this man has no clue at all! Alcohol kills tens of thousands of people cannabis has never and i mean never killed anybody!! And to say this as a politician is ridiculous and the apittamy of stupidity! And this man is running your state? Sounds as though your governor should take the time to research the medicine his constituents voted for and desperately need! Thank god I dont live in Nebraska or!!

  3. Anyone else hear that part about killing kids?!?!? Do these people like not use the the resources paid for by taxpayers to research these topics that they're making legislation on??

  4. The fact that the governor said that 5,000 plants would be grown if a person wanted to or that just because the plants are home the kids would have access to it just shows that he knows nothing about cannabis

  5. Look politicians are very wrong about the marijuana tax act they are not scientists listen to doctors too they will clearly say that marijuana is bad for your lungs wrong marijuana helps tumor grows shrinking in your lungs helps brain flow to your brain and you're wrong again is good for kids there's people with severe problems that are recovering very quickly especially with those who have autism that around 9 years old 8 years old 7 years old it's perfectly safe this is not 1937 quit trying to lie to the American people you hypocrites and stop drinking your wine alcohol and cigarettes and all that other crap because you know what marijuana is way safer than even pain pills so if you want to lie there's going to be a lot of people getting crazy over this s*** cuz if you don't do this people are going to lose their mind if you take this away from them and their health will suffer also

  6. Damm shame the war on Mary Jane still exist. So can someone answer this question, so alcohol has not cause no harm to children, relationships, jobs ones health?
    Polictician and BIG PHARMA need to stop the madness!!!!

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