New Guidance for Vaccinated as Cases Continue Down 3/9/21

00:00 Start 00:17 BREAKING: CDC Clears Vaccinated People for Indoor Gatherings 07:01 COVID Cases IMPLODE, Down 77%, Deaths Down 53% 16:07 …


  1. Who in their right mind takes these covid recommendations seriously. The people who aren't aware by now that this whole thing has been psyop are lost causes who are now part of the problem.

  2. On the butter they probably meant “land -o – lakes” the nativegirl was removed from the picture. Lol “they got rid of the native but kept the land” is the going meme

  3. What I Know: 1. the virus lives on surfaces and is airborne for some time 2. wearing a mask, gloves and washing yourself prevents spreading of the virus 3. the vaccine helps your immune system fight off the virus 4. the vaccine is not a cure and does not stop you from getting infected or from spreading the virus 5. half of this country dont give a f^ck

  4. Texas and Florida are already open. South Dakota never locked down. These states have lower fatalities by population than New York. Bizarre how people can't read the CDC numbers.

  5. Thanking you for giving Sadie (the dog) a moment. That was a reasonable and kind way to deal with the interruption, which at that point had already happened. Another perfect show. I'm going to become a member – not because of the dog – but because you're excellent at this.

  6. I think the biggest difference between not selling an offensive children's book, and not selling mein kampf is 3 year olds won't be reading mein kampf, the context someone would read mein kampf is way different.

  7. I think he was talking about the Land o Lakes butter. They took the Native American girl off the packaging. I’m not 100% but I believe this is what he’s talking about.

  8. The newsmax guy sounds like he has carefully studied tucker carlson and directly copied his speech patterns. Try listening with the video scrolled off. This reminds me of how Don Drumpt Jr seems to be picking up Sr's mannerisms with the accordion hand waves and cadence.

  9. The Butter cancellation is Land O'Lakes. They removed the female Indigenous character. It was actually originally designed by a Native from Northern Minnesota. Joke: They got rid of the Indian and kept the land.

  10. We come this far , if we want to get back to normal, must listen to Scientist.
    Dang , don't wanna start this over again.. We the People can do this , smarter together.. back to normal faster .

  11. Pakman really should read The End of the Myth by Greg Grandin to better understand the modern GOP and why it got this way

    In fact everyone should read it. It won a pullitzer last year and talks about the American frontier, imperialism, the border wall, all the good stuff.

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