New Jersey residents vote to legalize recreational marijuana

In the face of a budget crisis, New Jersey residents voted to legalize marijuana, which could be a huge source of revenue for a state still reeling from the …


  1. a bout fucking time i waited so long that am all most on my fucking death bed and it still not sold in stores yet in joy your cbd lol ps get ready because there going to tax the shit out of your weed you think cigarettes are bad just facts

  2. To all the people that will start a relationship with this plant please read this. This plant not only heals the physical body but also mind and soul. At the beginning of the relationship it will show you the real you. It will show you a heightened perspective of your self and life. As the relationship continues, it will become a tool for meditation, clarification, tranquility. Do not be scared off by the first few connections with cannabis. And remember, there are hundreds of different strains.

    History Fact: In 1974 the National Institute of Health paid researchers at Medical College of Virginia to find evidence that Marijuana damages the immune system, instead they found that THC slows down growth of 3 different types of cancer. The DEA quickly shut down the study and all further cannabis research.

  3. didnt realize it wasnt legal, been smoking so long its normal everyday life to me . if a cop busted you for pot he was a dickk . or maybe you were the dickk .

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