New Jersey Votes To Legalize Marijuana; Now What?

New Jersey voters have spoken overwhelming passing legislation to legalize recreational marijuana in the Garden State. CBS2’s Cory James has more on what …


  1. We voted we won, Finally! Is that not how this country work? Did something change because it’s marijuana? End of story! It’s the law now if anything procrastinating the new law is what’s illegal now!

    But let’s look at it from this perspective, it’s a clear power move to try and monopolize the market before the People get a chance!

    And what’s the deal with shrooms how is it being lumped in to stagnate this process its ridiculous what does either one have to do with each other?
    Who makes a deal for oranges but ships apples??

    Who stockpiles lumber for asphalt work??

  2. 1:47 if you cant detect impairment then obviously it doesn't impair peoples ability to drive or operate stuff. One drink and you can see impairment in people, most the time you cant even tell who smokes weed until they tell you.

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