New Jersey Votes to Legalize Recreational Marijuana | NBC New York

New Jersey has become the 12th state to legalize recreational marijuana. NBC New York’s Brian Thompson reports.


  1. Russia subsidizes vodka so all Russians can afford it in bulk. By keeping people intoxicated they won't notice how bad things are in Russia.
    Lawmakers in the U.S. have the same thing in mind only they want to strangle people with additional taxes while we're doped up on "pot".

  2. Is it just me or the news reporters hype AF low key like YEAHHH we be gettin high before work now at peace 🤣 but fr tho free the people who got arrested for it. Shits lame. Its a effin plant. Wtf.

  3. To all the people that will start a relationship with this plant please read this. This plant not only heals the physical body but also mind and soul. At the beginning of the relationship it will show you the real you. It will show you a heightened perspective of your self and life. As the relationship continues, it will become a tool for meditation, clarification, tranquility. Do not be scared off by the first few connections with cannabis. And remember, there are hundreds of different strains.

    History Fact: In 1974 the National Institute of Health paid researchers at Medical College of Virginia to find evidence that Marijuana damages the immune system, instead they found that THC slows down growth of 3 different types of cancer. The DEA quickly shut down the study and all further cannabis research.

  4. And governors like Cummo use this as a aid for re elections he has used it twice and were still awaiting for it to be recreational marijuana its SAD its more about him being re elected then our right's to use canabis if we cgoose to

  5. Listen, Colorado is being double crossed…. they recently quadroupled the minimum price at the recreational dispensaries… they are also checking pocket knives at the door which is not done in liquor stores or most bars…. the combination will cause an increased schism between rich and poor, as well as set up a diversion which will prevent the people from demanding vast drop in housing rates, while being made into the bad guys for not only producing that diversion while demanding drops in marijuana prices, but will split up their families as many choose to pay a car payments worth of money toward marijuana as if it were as naturally expensive as cocain or similar hard physical addicting drugs. You need to understand… you must not talk trash about your neighboring states… you must not give yourselves an excuse to say there is nothing you can do because of face masks, fake plagues or any other similar…and you must not take the bait to bad mouth each other……. prepare for it….. force the dropping of the marijuana prices in a way that does not causes farther injury… and do not allow them to intertwine stuff like social justice or legalization of heroin or similar with your safer choice movement… do not allow them to claim right to embezzle for drug treatment programs…. all of these things are what once a long time ago led to a term called "knit wit"…… if you allow the leadership to convince you to tie everything together …than you will lose the good with the bad… nitted together in dishonest desperation is knit wit … as in knitted yarn.

    Please …. pass this message along… watch my video titled Drinking while driving… and my other videos…. I will do the best i can as i always have to protect you while i can.

    you need to totally legalize marijuana in all quantities immediately…. some law enforcement will take the bait to betray their oaths and start busting private growers for helping out the poor people and selling instead of giving away marijuana…. they will cause many many many of your neighbors to lose their fams, homes, and future for nothing but empowerment of leadership willing to lay you to waste in fake plague embezzlement scams, housing scams, medical scams.. etc…..

    Sincerely…. I love honest law enforcement… who respect their oaths not to support or enforce corrupt laws or perceptions of right to scuttle the peoples will.

  6. PS. This is great! Now we can start selling Covid masks with a little bowl attached to it so you can light up after shopping at the Market for snacks. (Bud joke)

    Uber eats & Taxi drivers may now have 🌳🌳🌳???

  7. It's weird some guy sold me some seeds. It turn into Tomatoes I paid $20 a seed. He told me I water it wrong. How to I stop turning them into Tomatoes

  8. Ive talked to people who were surprised it passed soo easily. People forget that baby boomers( people in their 60s who were in Vietnam and basically the peace movement were huge supporters of this as well. Like a friend told me. They were the ones who started it to happen. So if you think people in their 60s are hard asses, think again lol

  9. It is time to stop this madness of arresting people for pot, all the lifes ruined…… And the opiate problem answer is to keep people who need them from getting them, like getting teeth pulled, denied access. People have lost their minds. We are back to the Middle Ages.

  10. I wonder what towns will allow shops and how many there will be. I always go to OCNJ and I know they won’t have it which I can understand it’s a family resort. Although they do have a liquor store right outside town.

  11. That's awesome but this is my current problem with dispensing high priced weed. It isn't going to be convenient at least not until 2-5 years. And street weed is still cheap…

  12. Ed Forchion, you can finally celebrate. I know you wanted decriminalization and not legalization. But after all of the arrest, court dates and harassment – For all you do…this bud's for you 🌿. I know,I know – it was the closest emoji I could find dammit!

  13. That's just step one. Next, we need to prohibit employers from testing for it, and any "zero tolerance for Marijuana" policies need to be made illegal. If you can’t tell if someone uses marijuana without a drug test, then you don't need to know any more than you need to know how many sugars I take in my coffee.

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