New law allows medical marijuana use for autism spectrum disorders

Families living with an autism diagnosis now have another resource: medical marijuana. More local videos here: Subscribe to NEXT: …


  1. First of all, I don't advocate the use of ANY drug (or even herbal supplements) during pregnancy. However, I'd like to know who performed the studies that came to this conclusion, how many studies were done, was there a double blind test group across a broad base of different aged, different race and ethnicities of the mothers, were the results written up in a reputable medical publication and was it peer reviewed? I have a real problem with news agencies that blurt this kind of statement to the public without having any real, solid medical proof to back it up. For that matter, I'd like to know if there were just as many mothers who NEVER smoked marijuana before, during or after their pregnancy that had children with Autism and were they compared?

  2. I’m autistic and I am needing a card just so that I can make sure If my CBD has some thc in it when I check the lab test I won’t be in trouble but I don’t know how to get my card and I need help I have lots of anxiety and stress and I get overwhelmed easy when to much is going on and I can’t focus on just one thing my mom says CBD will help but I know with higher CBD mg there can be trace amounts of Thc I don’t work yet I’m in the workforce solutions program working on get a part time job

  3. I'm high functioning autistic, but god oh mighty marijuana helps me. Not legal in my country though so I have to suffer. Think yourself lucky America!

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