New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to Push for Legal Recreational Marijuana

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is calling for the legalization and regulation of marijuana for recreational use by adults, his third attempt in as many years to get …


  1. Yes, please legalize it, I suffer a lot from chronic pain, and I'm allergic to pretty much every medication known to man, even over the counter pain meds, and I will never live there unless it's legal, I suffer from far too much pain to endure going through legal hurdles for what, my favorite strength is weed that's one to one. I only use ones that are super low in thc, like 4 to 7%.

  2. Russia subsidizes vodka so all Russians can afford it in bulk. By keeping people intoxicated they won't notice how bad things are in Russia.
    Lawmakers in the U.S. have the same thing in mind only they want to strangle people with additional taxes while we're doped up on "pot".

  3. We do not want cannabis legalized unless med-cannabis patient can grow their own cannabis. Dont really know about anyone else but there are millions of people who can not afford to go to the dispensaries and pay $60 for something thats going to last you a week! This is not going to cut it! We want the opportunities for caregivers and patients to have the ability to grow their own cannbis..period!!

  4. This is just a sign of the end times – look at the car accidents and people dying due to driving under the influence. That alone should keep anyone on the side of keeping this garbage illegal.

  5. I you turn people into addicts you have their votes…it's a good political move…and it's a path to balance the budget that politicians fail to do …

  6. The Scriptures declared all creation, including plants, to have been good initially. Genesis 1 is clear
    Every known chemical is not poisonous in small doses, and all chemicals are poisonous in large enough doses.๐Ÿ’ฏ

  7. Studies really have proven that low information voters are largely democrat. This "proposal" proves it. What's a better way to dumb down society to further their control over you? Legalize drugs! To all you "enlightened economists" look to Colorado, Massachusetts, California and etc. to how much the state actually makes after legalizing weed. Oh wait, they are incurring larger debt because of it. To all the "woke" individuals saying how now they release all these "non-violent" criminals arrested for weed charges. The significant number of people in jail for just weed charges other than a large amount(20lbs+ and even this is low in this NY) is non existent. So stop being a sheep and actually look into things. Also the availability to children will be much higher (proven on various studies in the above listed states). Then there's the up-tic in high drivers. Which causes more accidents, injuries, and deaths also proven by (state statistics in all above mentioned states) Oh also DWAI-Drug arrests go up(oops that's where the offset of their losing money goes, your 10k court bill). Last but not least, also proven by multiple studies and even our own government. The black market will get worse in the state, non-violent and violent crimes will rise more than they already have and you'll be stuck with the bill come tax time. Have fun in NY while it slowly burns into nothing.

  8. We still donโ€™t have a quick test for cops checking people driving while high on pot. Thatโ€™s also a reason to be cautious about legalizing pot.

  9. Looking at everything that's happened in other states after legalizing marijuana, and looking at it from a financial point of view, I honestly think legalizing marijuana in New York will be extremely beneficial to me getting high on marijuana drugs

  10. Unfortunately, I don't care about legalization of marijuana. But, I will address the elephant in the room which are Cuomo's disgusting age marks. He looks like his face has been collapsing for years. It is cruel for this aging governor to constantly subject us to his age mark infested face on a daily basis especially during a raging pandemic. People are dying and this guys' priorities are marijuana legalization and showing us his age marks. Ewwwww!!

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