Nick Giambruno (Crisis Investing, Diversifying Political Risk, YOUR Plan B, Cannabis Stock Intel)

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  1. Hi George, geat content as always thank you! Point of feedback. Anytime you are doing a video in front of your laptop the sound of your voice is of a much lower quality as when you are in front of the whiteboard. Maybe you can use a different mic?

  2. Diversification due to political risk… Sweden's socialist government recently announced it's going to map the economical standing of each citizen – assets and debts on the individual level. The purported reason is 'equality' – which usually means further squeezing of the working middle class with taxes, fees, public debts and redistribution. The totalitarian, socialist grin and cleptocratic impulse are unmistakable.

  3. Please read this carefully, as a Puerto Rican, who understands the political and legal status, and setup of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, IT WILL NEVER BE A STATE UNTIL the U.S. Government moves the headquarters of the U.S. Secret Service, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, and the Internal Revenue Service. The Island's Secretary of Treasury of Puerto Rico runs the island financial purpose: wash the money of the Federal Reserve, income taxes, and alcohol taxes, and importing of arms and weapons. And you think these crooks will allow this multi-trillion dollar enterprise to become a state?? LOL. Good luck! The Puerto Rican government will change the favorable tax laws when the U.S. Government tells them to. Hasta Luego, Jorge!

  4. George, one thing to keep in mind is that outside of the Western world, many countries don't have the same rule of law. For example, the government of Georgia confiscated all "agricultural" land from foreigners in 2018, but how they defined agricultural land- that's all land not located within a large city. It sounds crazy, but many people had a house and garden, and lost ownership of their garden because that's now "agricultural land." So be careful. I also know stories of people who had their banks abroad frozen as well, and this seems to happen more often in non-Western countries, again because of rule of law culture. When you buy property and opening banks in the far abroad it's important for people to keep in mind how vulnerable they are to the whims of the governments.

  5. Thank you, George, for asking Nick about Turkey. I visited there a few years ago and wondered about the real estate market – especially in Izmir – on the Aegean. Turkey was quite an enchanting place.

  6. Hi George, saw you on one of Mike Maloney's videos, i started following you a while ago.
    Good work! Love the information and education even if i dont always understand..
    About the topic of other passports, I'd look at an EU passport if I was American. Malta use to "sell" citizenship and im sure that in for example Romania or other ex comunist country it would just be a matter of $ and connections 😉

  7. Grow in the US… don’t arbitrage anything. We need to grow/make widgets in the US. I like George and his information. He’s always discussing that the US doesn’t produce anything and needs to produce but then he discusses growing in Colombia? I find this thought process similar to what he criticizes?

  8. At the end markets did not crash, cryptocurrencies did not crash, dollar did not crash and eventually the best performance assets was trading online courses and books talking about investment and economic crisis 😁 we all did bite the hook

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